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    Where Are They Now

    This is the annual “Where Are They Now” edition.    Many of you are wondering what happened to your favorite player from say: Rapid City Central or Sioux Falls Washington or even Wakpala.  Based on email requests from you, I have compiled this veritable list of who’s who in South Dakota boys basketball and tracked down all of these fine young men.   Well, here is that report getting you updated on all those school boy stars from yesterday.

    Where is Nathan Wedel, the James Valley Christian star who led his team to the Class B title in 2014?

    Nathan is playing basketball and participating on the track team at Northwestern College in Iowa.  He is a starting guard and was named GPAC all conference last year while averaging 12 PPG.  Wedel was a handful at wing for JVC with his strength and great perimeter game and that is translating well for his college career.

    Where is Jordan Baker from Sioux Falls Christian?

    Jordan is also starting for Northwestern College where he earned HM all-conference honors.  Jordan is another of those SFC Chargers who performed well throughout his high school career but his team couldn’t make it out of districts/regions to play at the state tournament where more of us could witness his exceptional game. 

    Where is Colton Kooima from Sioux Falls Roosevelt who led his team to the AA title in 2014?

    Colton is the third South Dakotan starting at Northwestern College where he starts and was named GPAC freshman of the year and 2nd team all-conference.  Kooima is one of those Sioux Falls player who started two years and played in two state tournaments.

    Where is former RC Stevens stud Steven Schaefer?

    Schaefer is a sophomore seeing plenty of court time for Augustana in the NSIC.   Steve holds the single season scoring record at Stevens and started for three years.

    Where is that three point shooting star from Brookings, Tanner Odegaard?

    Odegaard is still jacking up treys and making plenty of them for Augustana as a teammate of Steven Schaefer.  Tanner was a two-year Bobcat starter and led Brookings to the state tournament as a senior.

    Where in the world is Zach Hanson that vaunted big man from Pierre who got away from all of the in-state schools?  Zach was a three-time all-state player for the Governors.

    Zach is averaging 7.5 ppg for a very good Creighton team. 

    Where is Tyler Nagy now that his spectacular playing days are finished at Brookings?

    Nagy started 20 games at point guard last season for Wayne State and continues to see time at guard for the Wildcats this season.  Tyler was a first team all-stater for Brookings in his senior season.

    Where did Sisseton star Jordan Cornelius end up playing basketball?

    Jordan teams with Tyler Nagy at Wayne State.  Cornelius is a starter averaging 8 plus ppg this year as well as his freshman season.   Many of you remember the former Redmen stud as the matchup nightmare with his 6’6 length and superb ball handling and wing skills.

    Where in the world is Tanner Heiser?

    Tanner, the former Arrow two time first team all-state star began his college career at Northern State where he saw playing time as a freshman.  Heiser now starts for the Dakota State Trojans where he is one of the leading scorers.  

    Remember Deng Geu, the Sioux Falls Washington big man who led the Warriors to a second place finish as a senior?

    The South Dakota Gatorade Player of the Year is now an NDSU Bison.   The coaching staff plans to red shirt Geu this season.

    Where is former Clark Willow Lake Cyclones stud Tyson Jenkins?

    Would you believe Tyson is at DWU with a plethora of other SD school boy stars?   Tyson is red shirting for the Tigers this season and also plans to join the DWU track team and compete as a thrower for the Tigers in the spring.

    Where in the world is former Chamberlain Cubs guard Skyler Bertram?

    Bertram is a member of the Dakota State team after starting his college career at Presentation College.  Skyler had a great high school career as a Cub, where he was a first team all-stater his senior year.

    Remember Bruce Gunderson, the phenomenal scorer for Tiospa Tina?

    Many of you never had the joy of watching Bruce play in high school where he was always the guy I wanted to drive to watch up here in the northeast corner of the state.  Well, have you heard of United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck ND?   That’s where Gunderson now plays basketball for the Thunderbirds ….. Great for Bruce!

    Where in the world is former high scoring star Creighton LeBeau from Cheyenne Eagle Butte?

    Creighton is a running mate of Bruce Gunderson at United Tribes Technical College ….. Nice!

    Where is Jacob Haug the former Sisseton stud?

    You bet, Haug is the third former South Dakota school boy star to play at United Tribes Technical College.

    What about former Miller standout Darin Peterka, where is he playing now?

    The former first team all-state player for the Rustlers is now playing quite well at Northern State University.  The Rustler with the sweet stroke starts and averages double figures for the Wolves including a 30 point game.

    Where in the world is the guy who resurrected Canton’s basketball team, Cody Willett?

    Cody is currently playing for Mount Marty College where he starts for the Lancers after averaging 6 ppg as a freshman.  Many of you will remember Willett as a two time all state performer for the C-Hawks.

    Where did the 7 footer from Little Wound, Nate Brown Bull end up?

    If you guessed Florida International, you are correct!   Nate is adjusting to college basketball but he is at a D1 school with the typical upside of a 7 footer. 

    Remember the slick little (generously listed as 5’8 on the roster) Matt Rohrbach from Aberdeen Christian?   Where is “little Matt”?

    Rohrbach is playing for Trinity Bible College in Ellendale ND.  Matt averaged 10 plus ppg for the Lions as a freshman.

    The last time White River played in a state title game, they had a Krogman playing guard.   What ever happened to Wyatt Krogman?

    Krogman is averaging 8 plus ppg for the Black Hills State Yellow Jackets.   Wyatt had plenty of success at White River where he was a two time first team all-stater and played in the state title game four times ….. Winning three titles!

    Where in the world is Joe Cameron from White River playing?

    Joe is playing at BHSU with former high school mate, Wyatt Krogman.   Joe was a 2nd team all-state performer for the White River Tigers.

    What about former first team all-stater Sam McCloud from RC Stevens?

    You guessed it, Sam is playing at Black Hills State also.

    Finally, what “Where Are They Now” edition would be complete without an update on that former Watertown Arrow that everybody in Codington County loved and everybody in the rest of the state loved to hate: Jason Sutherland.   Jason is widely considered one of the best athletes ever to play high school sports in South Dakota.   He was an extremely good football player, all-state in both his junior and senior season.  He was a 7 foot high jumper, as a 6 foot stud athlete.   He was a two time first team all-state basketball player.   Basketball was in fact his ticket to a D1 scholarship at Missouri.   You thought the folks from Sioux Falls despised the cocky Sutherland?   Amp that up a couple of levels and consider how the Big 8 foes of Mizzou grew to dislike Sutherland.   Confident, cocky, competitive are the three c’s that came to define the Mizzou standout.    He is still in the Mizzou record books for made three pointers and free throw percentage and games played.   Jason is ubiquitous around mid-central Missouri and still hangs out in Boone County Missouri with his family: wife and daughter.  Not unlike the Broderbund Software character, Carmen Sandiego, Sutherland has been spotted all over the country after his college playing days concluded.   Many of you reported seeing Jason playing amateur football for the Kansas Kaos …. As a quarterback of course.   Some of you spotted Jason at an NCAA Final Four pre-game matchup pitting Illinois alums against Mizzou alums.    Nobody wanted to guard the feisty Sutherland who reportedly bloodied at least one opponent’s lips.  Jason was seen at the Missouri Show Me State Games playing basketball with fellow Mizzou alum: Greg Church and Julian Winfield.   Sutherland was also reportedly at the center of a melee at Columbia Rock Bridge high school gym when his Columbia all-star team decided to show the touring And-1 team that the boys from Co-Mo had a few ankle breaking cross over moves of their own as well as several highlight reel quality dunks.   Apparently the And-1 Mix Tape Stars did not appreciate the boys from Boone County showing off some moves that made the fans cheer with delight.   And, of course Jason shows up for Mizzou basketball games and especially the games where former Mizzou stars are honored at half time.   I am sure many of you were in attendance at the 2012 induction ceremony for the South Dakota High School Basketball Hall of Fame.   Jason was honored by his induction in the Hall of Fame.   Who would have thought you can find this stellar athlete working as a mild mannered investment manager in mid-state Missouri?   Keep your eyes open for future Sutherland sightings …. The guy is still amazing fans in Missouri. 

    That puts the wraps on another edition of “Where Are They Now”.   Keep those cards and letters coming with requests for tracking down your favorite former basketball star. 

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