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    South Dakota Prep Media Football Poll -- How They Fared

    Class 11AAA

    No. 1 Sioux Falls Washington (1-0) won 45-6 at Brandon Valley. Next: at No. 2 SF Roosevelt, Friday.

    No. 2 Sioux Falls Roosevelt (1-0) won 53-13 at RC Stevens. Next: vs. No. 1 SF Washington, Friday.

    No. 3 Sioux Falls O’Gorman (1-0) won 44-6 at Aberdeen Central. Next: vs. Harrisburg, Saturday.

    No. 4 Brandon Valley (0-1) lost 45-6 vs. SF Washington. Next: vs. SF Lincoln, Friday.

    No. 5 Aberdeen Central (0-1) lost 44-6 vs. SF O’Gorman. Next: at Huron, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Sioux Falls Lincoln (0-1) lost 14-13 vs. RC Central. Next: at Brandon Valley, Friday.

    Rapid City Stevens (0-1) lost 53-13 vs. SF Roosevelt. Next: vs. Spearfish, Friday.

    Watertown (0-1) lost 21-7 vs. Mitchell. Next: at RC Central, Friday.


    Class 11AA

    No. 1 Harrisburg (0-0) suspended game vs. Pierre until Sept. 4. Next: at SF O’Gorman, Saturday.

    No. 2 Mitchell (1-0) won 21-7 at Watertown. Next: vs. Brookings, Saturday.

    No. 3 Pierre (0-0) suspended game at Harrisburg until Sept. 4. Next: vs. Yankton, Friday.

    No. 4 Yankton (0-1) lost 27-21 at Brookings. Next: at Pierre, Friday.

    No. 5 Douglas (0-1) lost 45-7 vs. Huron. Next: vs. Sturgis, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Spearfish (0-1) lost 21-11 vs. St. Thomas More. Next: at RC Stevens, Friday.

    Huron (1-0) won 45-7 at No. 5 Douglas. Next: vs. Aberdeen Central, Friday.

    Brookings (1-0) won 27-21 vs. No. 3 Yankton. Next: at Mitchell, Saturday

    Sturgis (1-0) won 40-21 vs. Belle Fourche. Next: at Douglas, Friday.


    Class 11A

    No. 1 Madison (0-0) postponed game vs. Milbank Area to Monday. Next: at Belle Fourche, Friday.

    No. 2 West Central (0-1) lost 35-14 vs. No. 3 Tea Area. Next: vs. Winner, Friday.

    No. 3 Tea Area (1-0) won 35-14 at No. 2 West Central. Next: vs. No. 5 St. Thomas More, Friday.

    No. 4 Dell Rapids (0-1) lost 20-0 at Dakota Valley. Next: at Vermillion, Friday.

    No. 5 St. Thomas More (1-0) won 21-11 at Spearfish. Next: at No. 3 Tea Area, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Tri-Valley (1-0) won 48-13 at Hot Springs. Next: vs. Lennox, Friday.  

    Milbank Area (0-0) postponed game at Madison to Monday. Next: vs. Redfield/Doland, Friday.

    Dakota Valley (1-0) won 20-0 vs. No. 4 Dell Rapids. Next: at Todd County, Friday.


    Class 11B

    No. 1 Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan (2-0) won 33-0 at Woonsocket/Wess. Springs/Sanborn Cent. Next: at Madison, Sept. 8.

    No. 2 Aberdeen Roncalli (2-0) won 46-0 vs. Redfield/Doland. Next: at Canton, Friday.

    No. 3 Sioux Falls Christian (2-0) won 36-7 at Mobridge-Pollock. Next: vs. Canton, Sept. 8

    No. 4 Sioux Valley (2-0) won 33-0 at Beresford. Next: vs. Flandreau, Sept. 8

    No. 5 Chamberlain (0-1) lost 40-27 at Canton. Next: at St. Francis Indian, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Winner (1-1) won at Stanley County 42-6. Next: at West Central, Friday.

    Woonsocket/Wess. Springs/Sanborn Cent. (1-1) lost 33-0 vs. No. 1 Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan. Next: at Mount Vernon/Plankinton, Friday.

    Groton Area (0-2) lost 43-7 vs. Ellendale (N.D.). Next: vs. Sisseton, Friday.


    Class 9AA

    No. 1 Gregory (2-0) won 36-8 at Parkston. Next: vs. Jones County/White River, Friday.

    No. 2 Bon Homme (2-0) won 37-0 vs. Wolsey-Wessington. Next: at No. 4 Miller/H-H, Friday.

    No. 3 Webster Area (2-0) won 23-20 at Deuel. Next: at No. 5 Hamlin, Friday.  

    No. 4 Miller/Highmore-Harrold (2-0) won 30-22 vs. Kimball/White Lake. Next: vs. No. 2 Bon Homme, Friday.

    No. 5 Hamlin (2-0) won 54-0 at Florence/Henry. Next: vs. No. 3 Webster Area, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Baltic (1-1) won 36-6 vs. Chester Area. Next: vs. Menno/Marion, Friday.

    North Border (1-0) idle this week. Next: at Potter County, Friday.

    Wolsey-Wessington (0-2) lost 37-0 at No. 2 Bon Homme. Next: vs. Platte-Geddes, Friday.

    Parkston (0-2) lost 36-8 vs. No. 1 Gregory. Next: at Kimball/White Lake, Friday.


    Class 9A

    No. 1 Canistota/Freeman (1-1) lost 27-26 vs. No. 5 Howard. Next: vs. Chester Area, Sept. 8

    No. 2 Warner (2-0) won 26-18 vs. Faulkton Area. Next: vs. Hitchcock-Tulare, Friday.

    No. 3 Corsica-Stickney (1-0) idle this week. Next: vs. No. 4 Alcester-Hudson, Friday.

    No. 4 Alcester-Hudson (1-0) game suspended at Avon until Monday. Next: at No. 3 Corsica-Stickney, Friday.

    No. 5 Howard (2-0) won 27-26 at No. 1 Canistota/Freeman. Next: vs. Parker, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Chester Area (1-1) lost 36-6 at Baltic. Next: vs. Irene-Wakonda, Friday.

    Clark/Willow Lake (2-0) won 30-0 at Tri-State. Next: vs. Waverly-South Shore, Friday.

    Britton-Hecla (1-1) won 53-0 vs. Dakota Hills. Next: vs. Tri-State, Friday.

    Hanson (1-1) lost 62-36 at Irene-Wakonda. Next: vs. Viborg-Hurley, Friday.

    Oldham-Ramona/Rutland (1-1) lost 40-28 vs. Elkton-Lake Benton. Next: at De Smet, Friday.


    Class 9B

    No. 1 Colman-Egan (1-0) idle this week. Next: at Dell Rapids St. Mary, Friday.

    No. 2 Colome (2-0) won 56-6 vs. Tripp-Delmont/Armour/AC/DC. Next: vs. Burke/South Central, Friday.

    No. 3 Sully Buttes (2-0) won 40-6 at Herreid-Selby Area. Next: vs. Hitchcock-Tulare, Friday.  

    No. 4 Castlewood (2-0) won 41-13 at Deubrook Area. Next: vs. Estelline, Friday.

    No. 5 Harding County (2-0) won 44-12 at Lemmon/McIntosh. Next: at Bison, Friday.

    Receiving votes:

    Faulkton Area (1-1) lost 26-18 at Warner. Next: at Northwestern, Friday.

    Wall (2-0) won 40-22 vs. Lyman. Next: vs. RC Christian, Friday.

    Langford Area (1-1) won 55-0 vs. Iroquois. Next: at Ipswich/Edmunds Central, Friday.

    Gayville-Volin (0-1) lost 24-22 vs. Burke/South Central. Next: at Centerville, Friday.

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