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    The Times They Are A Changin"

    The Times They Are A changin’ …..

    Bob Dylan sang in 1964 and SDHSAA did in 2017.   Changes for 2017-18 are:

    • Class B Sweet 16 format.   Class B will use the Sweet 16 format for qualifying for the State Tournament. Teams will play the first three (3) rounds of the Region Tournament. When two (2) teams remain in each Region, the SDHSAA will re-seed the remaining 16 teams to have 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc. These contests will be played at neutral sites. The winners of the contests will advance to the State Tournament.

    • Class AA Sweet 16 format.   Class AA will use the Sweet 16 format for qualifying for the State Tournament. The top 16 schools based on regular season seed point averages will qualify for the Sweet 16. Schools outside the top 16 will not qualify for postseason play.   The top 8 seeds will host the Sweet 16 contest. The winner advances to the State Tournament, the loser is eliminated. The format will be as follows: #1 seed hosts #16 seed, #2 hosts #15, #3 hosts #14, #4 hosts #13, #5 hosts #12, #6 hosts #11, #7 hosts #10, and #8 seed hosts #9 seed.  NOTE: Teams will not be re-seeded for the State Tournament but rather, the 16-team bracket will remain intact.

    • Class A and B Sweet 16 Qualifying Round (Sweet 16).  Play within Region until there are two (2) teams remaining in each Region.  Re-seed the remaining 16 teams to have 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc. The winners of these contests will qualify for the State Tournament.  Sites for the Sweet 16 contest will be sought out and determined by the SDHSAA.  Two Sweet 16 contests will be played at each site per date with times to be assigned and determined.  Doubleheader may consist of both Class A contests, both Class B contests, or one Class A contest and one Class B contest.  Travel distance will be taken into consideration when possible.

    • Class B 35 second clock.   Class B will use the 35-second shot clock starting with the 2017-18 school year.

    • Mercy Rule.   Mercy rule shall be used for all regular season, Region, and Sweet 16 contests. When the point differential reaches 30 or more points in the 2nd half, the clock will continue to run.  The clock will only be stopped for free throws and timeouts.  Regular timing will be used if the score differential drops back to less than 20 points.

    • South Dakota Modifications to the NFHS Rules:  

    1. All classes (AA, A and B) in boys and girls will use a 35-second shot clock.

    2. Classics may choose to play contests in 16- or 18-minute halves.

    3. Pre-wrap is not allowed as a headband and/or hair control device.

    4. Allow multiple manufacturers’ logo/trademark on visible undergarments with a logo maximum restriction of 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.

    5. Sublimated or printed logos around the collar of the undershirt are permitted.

    What I think:

    • Sweet 16 in all three classes is the way to go.   I think it worked well last year in Class A.   It eliminates the cheesy bogus double elimination format in AA.   I am looking for the Sweet 16 to help get the best 16 teams to the final 16 and still have some “regionalism”. 

    • Sweet 16 in Class AA should have included all the teams for post season play.   Two play in games with 15-18 and 16-17 playing to get into the Sweet 16 would have been my vote. 

    • Class A and B Sweet 16 qualifying round sounds like what Class A did last season … I think that worked well.

    • Class B 35 second shot clock was never favored by me.  I always said: it takes two to take the air out of the ball … and bad teams are going to be bad teams no matter how many seconds they have to shoot the ball … thus expect to see tons of jacked up crap at the 34 second mark and/or lots of expired shot clock violations.   I will admit though, I have mellowed on this over the years.   When I coached I did not advocate a shot clock … no shot clock always gave me a method to control the pace and neutralize an opponent.   I can see advantages to the shot clock now and look forward to seeing how it works in Class B.

    • Mercy rule sounds good to me.  

    • Classics having the option to use 16 or 18 minute halves is good.   I especially like the 18 minute half.   This gives the boys four more total minutes clock time in the game.   It also allows continuity and flow to each half and enables (good) coaches to strategize two half ending plays. 

    • Not allowing pre-wrap is kinda like not allowing bubble wrap with your Christmas wrapping and packaging.   That color coordinated pre-wrap look was rather stylish.  What will be next: outlawing color coordinated spray colored hair?   Eliminating under eye face black?   Outlawing color coordinated knee high tube socks?   Eliminating the breath-rite nasal strips?    All of these “accessories” must be improving performance ….. or why would athletes use them??

    • Allowing multiple manufacturer’s logos/trademarks is a great idea.   The most entrepreneurial ADs will use this loophole as a method to virtually cover every square inch of available “advertising territory” and thereby collect enough revenue to offset any budget deficit they might have.  

    • Sublimated or printed logos around the collar of undershirts are permitted.    Sublimated ….. sublimated?    Say what?   WTF is sublimated??

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