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    Weekly Top 10 - January 29

    Here it is: the Weekly Jackalope Top 10 for the week of January 29, 2018.

    10.) The Sweet 16 format will still enable teams from weaker regions to make it into the final 16 … and also cause some of the “alleged stronger teams” to miss the play-in cut because they just happen to be in a “stronger region”.   At mid-season, the snubs in Class B might be:

    • Region 1: Warner and Clark Willow Lake lead; Langford has more Seed Points than the leader in Region 8
    • Region 2: Sully Buttes and Herreid Selby lead; Potter County has more Seed Points than the leader in Region 8
    • Region 5: Bridgewater Emery and Canistota lead; Viborg Hurley and Irene Wakonda both have more Seed Points than the leader in Region 8

    Inquiring minds want ask: Mr. Jackalope, why are you picking on Region 8 … do you have a bias against West River?  My answer: no!   I call it like I see it.

    My early picks for Final 16 in B:

    Region 1

    Clark Willow Lake ... the Cyclones would be a top tier team in Class A and have a stud guard duo with Jacob Prouty and Bradyn Rusher

    Langford ... if they end up 2nd in Seed Points to CWL and do not have to play the Cyclones in the region semifinals (if Warner ends up 2nd in Seed Points, I would go with them)

    Region 2

    Sully Buttes ... my ears are plugged when people whine about their schedule ... they are another very good Chargers team

    Herreid Selby ... I am starting to sip the 15-1 Wolverines Kool-aid

    Region 3

    Castlewood ... I like Caleb DeKam and Brandon Benike

    Arlington ... I like Will Parry and Scott Sampson

    Region 4

    Sanborn Central Woonsocket ... guard strong teams excel in post season and the Blackhawks have a good senior pair: Trey Weber and Trent Kingsbury

    Colman Egan ... the Groos boys, Bodee and Kade, are bringing the heat now

    Region 5

    Bridgewater Emery ... best player in the class: Sawyer Schultz

    Irene Wakonda ... 2nd best duo in the region, Trey King and Tate Gale

    Region 6

    Corsica Stickney ... Cordel Menning is a man among boys

    Colome ... the same stud athletes who have such great football success are now doing the same on the hard court

    Region 7

    White River ... Donnie Yackley and a stable full of juniors and sophomores ... look out next year

    Lower Brule ... the Sioux are coming around behind Kevin Peterson (who started his career at Lyman) ... I would put them in the B top 10 if they had Kalvin Peterson and Chris Comes Flying and they would give White River a run for their money

    Region 8

    Timber Lake ... Brayden PayPay is making ‘em pay

    Harding County ... Ranchers are usually in the post season mix. 

    9.) In the ice cold category, we have the following Class B winless teams: Sunshine Bible Academy, Estelline, Alcester Hudson, and Centerville.  I am going out on a limb and predicting that either Alcester Hudson or Centerville will win at least one game this season.   Well duh Mr. Jackalope: AH plays Centerville on January 30th.   So yes, one of them has to win that game.   I have a hard time coming up with any scenario where either SBA or Estelline wins a game the rest of the season.  Another factoid: in Region 8, three of the eleven teams only have one win (Tiospaye Topa, McIntosh, Wakpala) … and each of those teams has won against one of the other of the three.    Those are the cold hard facts. 

    8.) Tiospa Zina without a senior on the team is playing well this season … and look out next year with everybody back.   The Wambdi are guard oriented and have multiple scoring and ball handling options.  I especially like the play of sophomores Johnny German and Jameson Pratt and junior Divante Greeley.    What you will see when playing them is a four guard offense and no post presence as the tallest player is about 6’1.  But, they make it work effectively … as demonstrated in their December win over a good Sisseton team. 

    7.) The Dakota Oyate Challenge was born as the Class B All Indian hosted by Crazy Horse School in 1989.  The 30th DOC was held in Huron over the weekend.   Lower Brule is heating up as the weather outside continues to be typically South Dakota frigid.   The Sioux beat Omaha Nation, 59-50, to win the 30th Dakota Oayte Challenge.  Demas Bromwich scored 22 and Sophomore Shane Sazue added 20.    Tiospa Zina was the third best team in the Challenge, beating Flandreau Indian, 73-54.    

    6.) We have a new member of the 1000 point club.   Abiah Plastow from Ethan scored his 1000th in a game this week vs Freeman Academy. 

    5.) Madison, a team that many smart basketball people across the state consider a state title contender, almost lost their 2nd game in a row.   The Chamberlain Cubbies were not so gracious hosts and took the Bulldogs to overtime before Madison eventually won, 72-70.   The dynamic duo of the week comes out of this game: the Cubs Riggs Priebe scored 24 and Carson Powers added 20 points.   

    4.) T If you were a Tiger, and undefeated, you had big trouble last week.   And then there was one ... as in undefeated team ... and the last one standing is Sioux Falls Christian.  White River lost to Pine Ridge, 90-75, at Pine Ridge.  The addition of Joey O’Rourke at semester break tightened up the Thorpes rotation.  I have serious doubts about a White River team that gives up 90 points ... we will see how the season plays out for White River.   The Tigers are still 2nd overall in Class B Seed Points to Clark Willow Lake.  Harrisburg lost twice last week ... I am feeling guilty about laying the good old Jackalope Jinx on them.   Harrisburg lost by two to Yankton as Matthew Mors scored 28 including the winning basket in the last seconds.  The more surprising of the two Tigers losses however was the game against Pierre Friday night where the Governors put the wood to the Tigers, 74-58.  Harrisburg is good and will be right in the AA mix in March.  Guards Brady Van Holland and Chase Altenburg are great floor leaders and standing 6’4 and 6’3 gives them length to see and shoot over smaller guards while using outstanding wing span to defend on the perimeter.   Junior Nick Hoyt is a sharpshooter contributing scoring and ball handling skills.  Junior Blair Slaughter and senior Michael Curry add two 6’4 players to the rotation.  Top it off with the height of 6’5 Ace Zorr and the Tigers have a well-balanced team.    It is easy visualizing them playing in the evening session at the state tournament.   Sioux Falls Lincoln lost for the first time to a South Dakota team when Watertown beat them at Lincoln.   Then the Patriots lost for the third straight time to Washington.   Lincoln’s loss to Watertown is a shocker considering the Arrows have been inconsistent throughout the season. 

    3.) Folks, please keep your cards and letters coming to me.   I received a couple of emails from concerned fans who chastised me for not including the local “freshman hero” in my blog post about freshman players of note.  Ok, you convinced me: Jace Kelley, freshman guard from Custer, is the one of best players on the Tigers team.   Kaine Redfish from Todd County has been scoring in double figures this past month and adds to the scoring punch of Aiden Bizardie and David Espinoza.   Mobridge Pollock, with no seniors on the team, is getting plenty of mileage out of the freshman Goehring boys: Braden and Bryston.   Frank Cutler has been playing 6’3 freshman, Kelby VanDerWerff, at one of the Black Panthers forward positions.  Sioux Valley has another Vincent, Kelton, freshman guard seeing some playing time.  Kaleb Marx is one of the leading scorers for the Webster Bearcats.  Langford has successfully integrated freshman point guard, Colin Frey, into the rotation.  Jon Akre, Parkston forward, is earning more playing time.  Caylen Clairmont from St Francis Indian is a good freshman.   Isaac Sumption is another from the “Sumption pipeline” in Leola Frederick.   Ethan McCune the DeSmet guard who is not afraid to hoist ‘em up ..... he is going to be a dandy for the Bulldogs.   Canistota will continue their excellence with younger players like freshman guard Tyce Ortman.   Viborg Hurley freshman Chase Mason is earning playing time.

    Spotlight on an emerging 8th grader from Chester: Stratton Eppard ... another in the Eppard feeder system for the Flyers, is playing varsity ball for Chester.

     2.) The DAK XII - NEC Clash emphasizes the power and depth of the best conference in the state: the DAK XII.   The only game won by the NEC was a middle of the conference Clash between Milbank and Elk Point Jefferson won by the Bulldogs 54-51 ... maybe EPJ saw the Bulldogs name and thought they were going to get pounded by Madison again.  Sisseton played Madison closer the second time around, losing 51-42.   Roncalli was beaten by Tea, 62-51.  Canton beat Deuel 68-58.   Chamberlain (geographically relocating to the northeast) beat Tri Valley 58-40.   Dakota Valley beat Hamlin 59-46.   Dell Rapids beat Redfield Doland 77-66.  Lennox beat Groton 77-55.   Vermillion beat Britton Hecla 81-62.   West Central beat Webster 59-45. 

     1.) The number 1 tidbit of the week comes out of Madison where the currently powerful DAK XII conference faced off against the once powerful NEC in the DAK XII – NEC Clash.  Sioux Falls Christian is now the only undefeated team in the state.   The Chargers had a convincing win over number 1 Class B Clark Willow Lake on a neutral court in Madison as part of the DAK XII - NEC Clash.   The Cyclones hung tough until midway through the 2nd half as the Chargers beat CWL, 74-60.   SFC is unrelenting and very good.    Koln Oppold, Lincoln Unruh, Will Garnaas, and juniors: Mitchell Goodbary, Gavin Schipper, and Parker Nelson were all particularly impressive.   There is a lot of depth on this Chargers team.  Jacob Prouty witnessed that up close and personal as it seemed like there was always a fresh defender right in his face from the inbounds pass all the way up court and then in the half court offensive set.  The Cyclones have three players who could play right with the Chargers and Jacob Prouty was arguably the best player on the floor in Madison.   However, the complementary Cyclones players were not up to the task of trying to keep up with the best team in the state, regardless of Class.  CWL will be right there with Bridgewater Emery and Sully Buttes and White River (if they can fix their defensive issues), when the State B plays out in Aberdeen.   The second tier of Class B is starting to come into better focus: Warner, Langford, Herreid Selby, Castlewood, Sanborn Central Woonsocket, Colman Egan, Canistota, Viborg Hurley, Corsica Stickney, and Colome are the best of the rest.

    2 Responses

    1. BBfan1984 Says:

      +1 like

      I got to thinking...another way to look at the Pine Ridge/White River game - most other teams don't score 75 points in a win, less yet in a losing effort!

      Pine Ridge was HOT!!! - I don't think any team could have stayed with them the first 12 minutes or so of that game! (watch on youtube - KOLC) Any given Friday...that's why they lace up the sneakers!

    2. JACKALOPE Says:

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I bet Coach Marshall was not pleased with giving up 90 points!

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