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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 2-2-18

    Top half of the poll remains rock steady from last week. Time for some upsets to shake things up. Contributing pith and insight are Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and yours truly.

    1. Sioux Falls Christian (30 pts)
    2. Sioux Valley (26 pts)
    3. Madison (25 pts)
    4. Dakota Valley (20 pts)
    5. Red Cloud (19 pts)
    6. Dell Rapids (14 pts)
    7. Tea Area (10 pts)
    8. RC Christian (5 pts)
    9. Vermillion (4 pts)
    10. Sisseton (3 pts)
    11. TIE Bon Homme, Flandreau, Crow Creek, Miller (2 pts)
    14. Aberdeen Roncalli (1 pt)

    Honorable Mention: Stanley County, St. Thomas More, Pine Ridge, Hill City, Parker, EPJ, Hamlin, Tiospa Zina 

    General pithy comments from the pollsters:

    Oppold and Unruh continue to lead a balanced SFC Charger team with the only perfect record left, while Madison hits a mid-season slump but finds ways to win when Fiegen gets the ball. 

    SV has won 14 straight and could claim the top spot if they get to #15 against SFC on Saturday.

    Teams closing the gap are Red Cloud, Dakota Valley, Dell Rapids, and Flandreau, with Dylan LeBrun delivering huge performances.  And don't count out the defending champion Titans, especially if Noah Friedel can get anywhere near 100%. 

    Story brewing the west would be if top seed RCC and STM happen to align in the power points for a regional semi-final showdown.  Coach Hollenbeck and the staff at Fairmont Blvd. are likely taking drastic measures to get a more comfortable 3 or 2 seed to avoid this scenario, so stay tuned....

    The DAK XII is the strongest conference from top to bottom that I can remember in recent memory.

    The NEC was piss pounded in the DAK XII - NEC Clash, with only Milbank beating Elk Point Jefferson.

    I cannot rank any of the Region 8 teams because: Rapid City Christian has the softest schedule I have seen with a one loss team; and St Thomas More is still under 500.

    I think the DAK XII would fare quite well in a DAK XII - ESD Clash.

    Good news and bad news for the Quarriers.  The good news is that Carson "Long Range" Rentz comes up big from deep in comeback win over Redfield/Doland.  Bad news is that their lone remaining Mason (Schmidt) takes one for the team and requires ice therapy after big win vs. Flandreau.

    The Quarriers proved to be not only good miners but also good marksmen in shooting down a flock of Pheasants from Spink County.

    Dell Rapids is a strong number 2 behind SFC in their region.

    The Dunes boys couldn't get their Club Cars started last week, so they de-winterized their yachts, maneuvered north through some pack ice to Madison, and took care of business. 

    Dakota Valley is almost like that team from the north, Tri State, in that they play tons of games against out of state teams: Iowa and Nebraska teams.

    The Panthers only gave up 94 points to SFC ... guess that makes them a top 5 team.

    The Russian army will use the cold weather plus momentum gained against smaller eastern bloc opponents and St. Francis to force the Chargers to an ultimatum:  Complete and absolute surrender.

    I wanted my rankings to have some symmetry so I put the two “Sioux” teams, Sioux Falls Christian and Sioux Valley, on top of my poll.

    The Cossacks have won 13 straight since a Cyclone tore through Volga in December and ripped the gym apart.

    General Vincent has his troops fully trained and equipped and ready for the assault from the north on the Pentagon and the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers.

    Jaxon Janke makes monster two hand put-back dunk to energize his fellow Dogs, thus avoiding an upset on their home court against Sisseton.

    The Bulldogs will face another huge challenge this weekend when they travel south to the Pentagon to battle Western Christian Iowa.

    Madison is getting just a little tired of beating up on Sisseton.

    The Bulldogs will take a break from kicking NEC butts until Milbank comes to town in late February.

    Three-point guru Gus Reede is doing a magnificent job keeping the Cavaliers in big games this season, but may need just a little more help to get by the heavy hitters from the south.

    With the only perfect record left in South Dakota, the stakes are getting high for the Chargers, who could be ripe for an upset by the Cossacks this weekend.

    The only thing that lights up the sky more impressively than a super blue blood moon is the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers.

    The Chargers are the last undefeated team in South Dakota and the number 1 team on top of my poll.

    SFC is not only the best team in Sioux Falls but they are the best team in the entire state.

    Comets continue to leave their west river competition in a trail of frozen dust and methane gas.  And if the stars align properly, will welcome the opportunity to meet on their home court their most feared nemesis: The Blue Empire.

    Miller is not consistent enough to rank them higher but I still have them in my top 10.

    The Mustangs blasted the Rustlers but Miller is still ahead in Seed Points. 

    Talk is that AJ Plitzuweit may be one of the top overall players in the state.  After watching him play again last Saturday I can only say this:  No argument here.

    Vermillion has found the answer to team success: let AJ score whatever it takes to win.

    Question: how do you score 100 points in two games? Answer: show up as AJ Plitzuweit and bomb away for 52 and 48. 
    If there has been a more prolific scorer than AJ Plitzuweit in South Dakota boys basketball in the past several seasons, I can’t think of who it was.

    I wouldn’t want to face the Thorpes in the post season, if they get hot they can give any time trouble.

    The Buffs a respectable 10-6, with a relatively close loss to Crow Creek in their portfolio. The losses to Lyman and Jones Co. though cause concern though.

    Blue and Red Cavaliers need extensive collision repair after crashing into a clowder of Jaguars this week.

    The crafty coach Hollenbeck is reportedly devising a master scheme to pull a major upset by catching Red Cloud in a trap game next week. 

    Come on Coach H., make the call to the Comets to set up a regular season matchup, starting this season! Demonstrate to your local AA teams how to initiate a cross town game. Make the call! 

    Rangers upset RC Christian on Saturday. You heard it here first. 

    Cubbies continue to flirt with 0.500.  Still trying to figure what happened against Madison earlier. That’s a real head scratcher.

    The Flyers are slowly turning into a dangerous three pronged aerial attack with the big LeBrun, little LeBrun, and Kneebone.

    The Freidel-less Titans get big minutes from Seth Kocer and get the job done in Madison against Roncalli.

    Tea will host several Tea parties the rest of the season with only one more road game ... I don’t see another loss on their schedule.
    The Titans have played the top of the conference and will have easier games until post season play.
    Tea was one of the few DAK XII teams to play their NEC foe (Roncalli) closer than 12 points, 62-51.

    Chargers currently on a three game losing streak. Time to recharge the batteries Chargers. 

    Christian "Wins" McGhee has rattled off 10 straight, could make it to 11 or 12 by the time this goes to press if he doesn't get tripped up by Custer or LeMars. 

    I was told that I needed to show some non-DAK XII love, so I rank Red Cloud higher than a few DAK XII teams.
    After the 2 point loss to McLaughlin at the LNI, Red Cloud has knocked off everybody else they played.

    Russell is a Leader In Charge for the Crusaders.

    Red Cloud travels east to take on Le Mars Iowa at the Sioux Falls Pentagon. This is a test to see how well the Crusaders compete east of the Missouri.

    Phesants riding a nine game win streak. Flandreau will put a stop to that though.

    I still like Crow Creek for two reasons: when was the last time you saw Crow Creek in the state tournament? And, Luke Wells, Joe Sazue, and Josiah Blue Arm are pretty darn good players.

    The Chieftains dropped 100 on Dupree .... not impressed? Crow Creek is a really good team.

    Redmen put scare to a pack of dogs in Madison but come up short.

    Can the Evil Blue Empire compete against the Redmen???? Should be an interesting matchup


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    1. BBfan1984 Says:

      Stanley County had two starters out when they lost to Lyman and Jones County.

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