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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 3-2-18

    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 3-2-18

    How sweet it is! Well, at least it will be for the 16 teams that survive this week. Contributing pith and insight are Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and yours truly. Enjoy!

    1. Sioux Falls Christian (30 pts)
    2. Madison (27 pts)
    3. Sioux Valley (23 pts)
    4. Dell Rapids (22 pts)
    5. Tea Area (18 pts)
    6. Flandreau (9 pts)
    7. TIE Crow Creek, Sisseton (8 pts)
    9. Dakota Valley (7 pts)
    10. Pine Ridge (3 pts)
    11. TIE Hot Springs, Miller (2 pts)
    13. TIE Red Cloud, RC Christian, Bon Homme (1 pt) 

    Honorable Mention: Vermillion, Stanley County, St. Thomas More, Parker, Aberdeen Roncalli, EPJ, Hamlin, Milbank, Tiospa Zina, West Central, Tri Valley, Platte-Geddes, MVP, McLaughlin, Todd Co., Little Wound, Belle Fourche 

    General pithy comments from the pollsters:
    Things looking pretty predictable in the east where all the top seeds should get a win this Friday, an exception being possibly in Region 1, but only if the Wambii can hold Gus Reede under 30.

    The story of the week is in Region 8, where for reasons unbeknownst to Rapid City fans, whenever there was a game at the Rapid City Christian rebel base this season, the Blue Empire was nowhere to be found. You can run, but you can't hide. Now under strict playoff orders, the Empire has no choice but to finally face the music and meet their destiny, this the Comet Dome.

    By this time in the season the statistical sample is dead on with enough data to accurately predict the final 8 with a 5 places to the right of the decimal point precision. That’s a mouthful and so are the names of the final 8 teams. Stay tuned to South Dakota Sports Buzz as those names are revealed in an upcoming Jackalope Weekly Top 10. Spoiler preview: Sioux Falls Christian and Madison will both be final 8 teams ... duhhh .... really?

    Honestly, I am so tired of tooting the DAK XII horn this season that I refuse to do it in this weekly poll. Instead I will sing the praises of the Black Hills Conference ... Hay Soos Chris .... I just threw up in my mouth.

    The state champion will come from one of three regions: either of the first two prime numbers or the third prime number minus 1.
    If any team west of Madison wins the Class A title, I will run naked down 41st street on the date and time of your choosing.
    Region 1 and 5 and 8 are nowhere to be found on my top 10 ballot. 

    Team-specific pithy comments from the pollsters:

    I've taken a sip  of the "Jeffery Schuch / top 5 player in Class A" kool-aid, and will finish the whole glass if he can lead his fellow quarry-men to the night games in Rapid City. 

    Last week we disclosed the phenomenon known as “Quarriers training to be gold miners”. This week they have to play Tri Valley to get one step closer to that “gold rush” on the Black Hills.
    Elijah will have a Story to tell after this season is over and he and his fellow Quarriers are hoping the Story includes a mine car trip across the state to Rapid City.

    Lady GaGa will be blaring on the speakers during warm ups as Coach Kleis will have on his Poker face, but he doesn't need to bluff as long as his pair of Jacks (McCabe and Graves) can beat whatever Coach Drake has up his sleeve to go along with his Ace Plitzuweit. 

    Question:  How many Dakota Valley Panthers does it take to guard AJ?  Answer:  All of them. 

    Dakota Valley is all in on their pair of Jacks but is that enough to beat the Vermillion wild card called AJ?
    Will two, one, or no Valleys make the Sweet 16?
    The Country Club Panthers need to show Vermillion that they want to extend their season and continue playing inside on the basketball court until the ice and snow thaw off the links. 

    Cossacks waiting in ambush to shoot down any Fliers, again, who try to land in their parking lot this Friday. 

    The Cossacks have set up the perimeter defense around Volga and from my observation General Vincent is expecting a ground assault from the Fliers .... hmmm .... Fliers arriving by terra firma. Does LeBrun and company have enough deception and basketball skill to beat the home team?

    Time will tell if one or both Trevors goes off for Sioux Valley but either scenario happening is a distinct possibility. 

    After a long season of obedience school, some painful vaccinations, and repeated trips to the litter box, the Bulldogs can now advance as long as they don't get shock collared by the Hamlin Chargers.

    Madison plays host to the Chargers from Hamlin County. Unfortunately these Chargers will arrive with too many miles on them and with the low fuel light on as the Bulldogs romp.
    Fiegen + Janke x 2 = number 1 3 some in the state.
    The Bulldogs will not chew on a Kneebone because Flandreau is on the other side of the bracket.

    POY candidate Gus Reede has carried this team all season, and will try for one more against Tiospa Zina. 

    The green Cavalier keeps chugging down the road. Will it make it to Rapid City before breaking down? Doubtful. 

    West Central has exactly two chances to beat the Chargers. Slim and none. twenty teams have tried and twenty teams have failed.  Unruh, Oppold, and Mr. Goodbary are just too good.

    The Chargers took a day off and recharged the batteries ... expect huge fireworks when SFC takes on West Central in Sioux Falls.

    The Hot Rod Lincoln will barely get warmed up on the drive to the Elmen Center. Expect Lincoln and his Chargers team mates to get hot on the court and drive and shoot and generally tear West Central a new hind end.

    Mister Goodbar will be providing plenty of energy for the Chargers as they win one game to advance to the Sweet 16 ... on the road to Rapid City.

    Since the Blue Empire failed to schedule "The Game" this season, all we have is the overall record plus power points to declare the Comets the best Class A team in Rapid City.  Until they play this Friday, that is.  Can the .500 Cavaliers somehow redeem themselves? 

    The evil blue empire makes an appearance at Hart Ranch. Will the Comets shine or flame out? 

    Rustlers are one of the great unknowns in Class A this season.

    If AJ gets to 60 before the Panthers do, Tanagers win. 

    Are these Tanagers ready for prime time? Well, at least one of them is. 

    Pine Ridge needs to only beat Todd County to make the Sweet 16 .... that is just about the easiest road to the Sweet 16 as anybody in the state.

    The Thorpes welcomed Joe O’Rourke at mid season and these boys are very salty.

    Buffs are looking to pull an upset on the Rustlers. Possible, but not probable. 

    The best Cavaliers in Class A. Watch out for Coach Cutler and Platte-Geddes though. 

    The match the EBE faithful have been crooning for all season! Yes, Blue Cavs top Comets by at least 25, strength of schedule finally pays benefits. 

    LeBrun and Co. get one last try to beat the Cossacks, much bigger stakes in round three, as the loser stays home. 

    Is Flandreau really destined to be the best team not to make the Sweet 16 two years in a row?
    The Fliers will try an aerial assault on the Cossack Army but will likely need more than three point bombs from the LeBruns in order to ground the Cossacks.
    Dylan LeBrun will undoubtedly score 30 plus against Sioux Valley. Will it be enough?

    Noah Friedel, Justin Hohn, and the Titans are playing so good this year, that fans on their way into town now go straight to the gym and no longer stop at Black Cat fireworks, J&M Transmission, the I-29 antique mall, or the superstore with parking in back. 

    The Titans will host a Tea party at Tea and Elk Point Jefferson has been invited.
    The best junior in Class A, Mr Freidel, will lead his Titans to the final 16. 

    The boys in powder blue draw the Bulldogs in regional play. Careful, these dawgs bite.

    Red Cloud should have little trouble beating Little Wound to get to the final 16.

    The Crusaders will be following their Leader Charge on a Yellow Horse and Her Many Horses on the road to Rapid City.

    Pheasants will be an endangered species very soon.

    When was the last time Crow Creek was favored to win a post season game? Well, of course, it was Tuesday when they clobbered Cheyenne Eagle Butte.

    The Chieftains better arrive with some moxie if they plan on beating McLaughlin for the 2nd time this season. 

    We don’t have the luxury of making Midgets jokes now about McLaughlin; but I still think Crow Creek will cut the Mc Laughlin season short. 

    An angry Bison herd located just east of the Pringle compound has stampeded its way through the Black Hills Conference and needs only to trample some Broncs from Belle Fourche to get a round 16 invite.    


    Sisseton could have taken the easy road and dropped Madison from their schedule this year, but instead raised the stakes and played them twice.  Result: The Redmen have become a very dangerous team behind the elevated play of Dion Iyarpeya and Benji Thompson.   

    Only a pack of hungy Milbank Bulldogs stand between the Redmen and a 16 member dance.  Will Prime-Time and Benji dissapoint?  Not likely.


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