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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 2-7-19

    Pollsters have overcome the wind chill advisors and are still quite pithy.  Contributing pith and insight this week are rufus, Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and yours truly.  

    1. Tea Area (40 pts)
    2. St. Thomas More (36 pts)
    3. Sioux Falls Christian (32 pts)
    4. Pine Ridge (25 pts)
    5. Lennox (19 pts)
    6. Red Cloud (18 pts)
    7. Tiospa Zina (13 pts)
    8. TIE Dakota Valley, Dell Rapids (9 pts)
    10. Rapid City Christian (5 pts)
    11.TIE  Parker, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte (2 pts)
    13. Sioux Valley (1 pt) 

    Honorable Mention: Aberdeen Roncalli, Todd County, Vermillion, Winner, Madison, Little Wound, West Central, Tri Valley

    General pithy comments from the pollsters: 
    Best three teams in Class A:  Tea, STM, and SFC, and probably in that order.

    Class A, at least the top of it, is having its way with the AA competition so far this year.  One last team will have a chance to stop the AA bleeding, the Yankton Bucks. 

    Will the SDHSAA be asking teams like Tea and STM to petition up in the future in the interest of fair play?

    It’s is official: the unofficial best in the state is Tea after the whipping they gave to Sioux Falls Lincoln. 

    I have seen enough data to have a strong statistical sample, the two best teams in the state are from Class A: Tea and St Thomas More. 

    The top 3 teams are still Tea, Tommie More, and Sioux Falls Christian but Tea and STM are separating a bit from the pack.  

    The teams I have in 6-10 of my poll are basically interchangeable and you could even throw some of the “honorable mention” teams into the mix ... these teams are good/better than average but would take a miracle for any of these teams to end up in the championship game. 

    Orioles win their 8th straight after launching successful aerial attack against visiting Bulldogs, who get sent back to Madison with serious lacerations and peck wounds. 

    The Orioles are flying high at 11-3.

    After beating Madison at The Bird House, Lennox is looking good with only one loss to a South Dakota team: Sioux Falls Christian on opening night. 

    Brock Anderson is starting to take over games for Lennox  and the Orioles look stronger every week.

    Hats off to the Hot Springs team for having another winning season and the second best record in class A, but if you google the word "cupcake", the first thing you see is a picture of the Bison schedule. 

    Dell Rapids vs Dakota Valley is the game of the week in the Dak XII this week and will show us how the pecking order stacks up under Tea and Sioux Falls Christian. 

    Dakota Valley is 10-4.  One of those losses was to the top team in Iowa Class 3A, Sergeant Bluff - Luton, one was to ranked Western Christian,and the other two are to Tea and SFC.    

    The Country Clubbers welcome another Iowa team to Dakota Dunes and then get back to Dak XII action.    

    The Dak Valley Panthers have a super soph guard, Paul Bruns, good enough to keep them in every game they have played. 

    Wambdi make the mistake of entering a late game free throw contest against SV's Max Neilsen, and of course, lose.

    The Wambdi still have the most wins in Class A with 15 (tied with Tea) but they took a loss at The Pentagon when Sioux Valley beat them in overtime. 

    Some sharpshooting Cossacks from Brookings County took aim at some Wambdi flying into Sioux Falls and caused serious damage to the boys from Tiospa Zina. 

    A team of Tanagers left bird droppings on the old Quarrier mine car but the Quarriers hosed off enough bird doo to start winning again. 

    These dawgs are toothless. 

    Green Cavs were crushed by SFC, but rebound nicely against Sisseton. Let’s go Cavs! 

    Chargers put up a good fight against SC East, but Mr. Goodbar and the Schipper needed just a little more contribution from Gilligan, the professor, and Mr. Howell.  

    The Chargers were highly competitive against Sioux City East, a top 10 Class 4A team from Iowa with a 14-1 record.   

    Sioux Falls Christian will play another ranked Iowa team when they play Western Christian this week.   Western Christian is ranked 9th in Class 2A. 

    Mister Goodbar needs to fuel up on Goodbars to get the Chargers back on the winning track. 

    SFC plays STM this week in the next big Class A showdown ... The Corn Palace will be the venue for the DWU Classic. 

    Region 7 a toss-up between Red Cloud and Pine Ridge, this week I'm picking Pine Ridge.

    The Thorpes are turning up the heat on the court as the calendar turned to February. 

    Pine Ridge has a beefed up schedule and that continues with their DWU Classic game vs traditional power Aberdeen Roncalli. 

    After an impressive win Saturday night against another AA team, it has become evident that these STM guys didn't spend all their time in Vegas watching the showgirls, while passing through Nevada they obviously fine tuned their game.

    When Caden Casey put on his shooting clinic against Harrisburg, there was so much burnt Tiger fur at the Pentagon, that security actually let the players bring in their own water.  

    St Thomas More is keeping pace with Tea as the Blue Cavaliers conquer a big bad AA team from Harrisburg. 

    Tommie More honed their shooting eye during mountain lion season in The Black Hills and then took that deadeye shooting to Sioux Falls where they took aim at some Tigers from Harrisburg. 

    The Association for the Protection Of Cruelty to Animals is looking for a Blue Cavalier with a leading 2 on the license plates.   Witnesses saw this Blue Cavalier run over some Tigers on Saturday night in Sioux Falls.   

    That road kill you saw outside the Pentagon on Saturday night was a team of Tigers.

    Coach Hollenbeck instructed the boys to stay away from the Tea and the banana cream pie at Al’s Oasis and instead they fueled up on red meat protein and they hammered Harrisburg. 

    Comets will continue to take abuse from both critics and blue Cavaliers alike until some stiffer competition shows up on the schedule.

    Cossacks sit atop Region 2, but get no respect. What gives? Even a signature win over Tiospa Zina didn’t help in the respect column. Get in line pollsters! 

    If you are undefeated and a highly ranked team, and wish to stay that way, do NOT play the Titans.  But don't take our word for it, just ask STM, SFC, CWL, Lincoln, ..... the list just seems to grow every week.

    Credit the Lincoln Patriots for a game plan to contain the Titan guards, but the plan falls short, as the inside play of Noah Freidel and Kaleb Joffer combine for 45 points to put to rest any doubt who are the undisputed kings of the SF metro area, it is the Titans.

    If you triple team Noah Freidel to take away the rim and blanket the perimeter what do you have left? You still have an unstoppable pull-up mid-range game. If you are wondering if the 15 foot jump shot was a lost art, just ask the Lincoln Patriots. 

    Tea continues their impressive run as they take down yet another previously undefeated team, Sioux Falls Lincoln.   

    Tea is the undisputed best team in the state ... anybody who would argue that is just downright not very basketball savvy. 

    Years after this season has long been in the record books, the “old timers” will be sitting around discussing how good Tea was in 2018-19.   The Titans with their pair of Division One players and a really sound group of additional guys who are disciplined and well skilled, this team will end of on the all time lists of many of the experts. 

    Where is that blustery wind bag from SD Sports Talk days ... called himself Lincoln Parent?   He went into radio silence and/or the witless protection program a few years ago.   It would be interesting to hear the oratory and nonsensical babbling about how a little old Class A team could never be considered the best in the state ... AA teams are too good .... they beat up on each other every game.   Yeah sure, check out Tea’s schedule and STM’s schedule and the SFC schedule ... playing Spearfish, or Mitchell, or Brookings, or Watertown, or Douglas, or Aberdeen Central, or even Harrisburg or Lincoln would be a breather game.  Class A is on top of the basketball world this season. 

    Mustangs take down the ‘Saders, even with a healthy Ale Rama. Maybe these Mustangs are for real? 

    Do or die time for the Quarriers, either put together a strong late season run or fall back to the pack with all the rest of the would-be contenders.

    Will the Warriors come out to play? Yes, particularly against Class B and middle of the road Class A teams. 

    The janitors at St. Francis instructed to install new nets on Saturday morning after the old ones were found burnt and torched by non other than, who else?  Ale Rama for 60 big ones.

    Red Cloud split their games last week: beating St Francis Indian and still trying to figure out how the Crusaders lost to Little Wound. 

    Ale Rama put himself at the top of the single game scoring record book with a 60 point game against St Francis. 

    A little bit of Ale Rama goes a long way ... a lot of Ale Rama leads to a severe beating. 

    Falcons teetering on the brink of going under 0.500. Fly Falcons fly! 

    The hunting season on Pheasants has expired, watch out for these birds! 


    I am keeping Cheyenne Eagle Butte in my top 10 ... they are on a three game winning streak. 

    The CEB Braves have a high scoring guard, Cecilio Montgomery and a transfer, Leon Brown Otter continuing to power CEB to the top of Region 6. 


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