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    Regular season is now over for all boys and girls basketball teams in South Dakota, and a few teams have punched their ticket to the State Tournament and some still hoping they have a chance.    There have been some great games and some very poor games throughout the season, and I expect to witness the same at State, but along the way there are some things that have made me go hmmmmmmm and I thought I'd share them with you. 


    1.   Should the mouth guards some kids wear be allowed to hang out of their mouths throughout most of the game?   Looks more like a pacifier.     


    2.    How does a kid bleeding from the mouth end up with the foul?   Did his head run into that elbow?  


    3.    If your team is losing by 20 points, and were trailing by said amount most of the game, can you really say the refs were against you?      


    4.    Why is taking a charge such a lost defensive play?   


    5.    Is taking a charge too risky because it appears the refs aren't willing to call it?


    6.    Why are so many people surprised Stevens Raiders girls beat Central Cobblers to head to the State Tournament?   Are they finally playing up to their pre-season hype?


    7.    And on the flip side; why did it take Central Cobbler boys so long to also play up to their pre-season hype?


    8.    Can the Stevens Raiders boys play strong enough  and pull off a win to get to the State Tournament?


    9.    Why is it that you don't see many post players in the 1,000 plus points club?


    10.    Is it fair to any city in the state to hold all the basketball tournaments for both boys and girls in Sioux Falls after their new events center is built?


    11.    Why do the Athletic Directors from Custer, Belle, and Hill City allow their student girls to dress up as "naughty" school girls whenever they play St. Thomas More?  


    12.    Who decides when it's time for a ref to call it quits?


    13.    Is it wrong for a team to sit directly behind their opponent's bench and videotape their timeouts?



    I guess I will stop at Lucky Number 13.   My thoughts are in no particular order of importance, of course.  Lots of basketball and lots of observing on and off the court.

    2 Responses

    1. Hutch Hobo Says:

      1) Everyone wants to make a fashion statement.

      2) Maybe he got called for an Illegal Blood Tranfusion.

      3) No. But you can still complain about their bad calls.


    2. SOD BUZZARD Says:

      14. Why do so many people who really don't know the game wait until district and regions to come to games and scream about calls which in fact or correct?

      15. When did the pump fake get outlawed, because I sure never see it anymore.

      16. Why do you fist bump the officials and shake the opposing coaches hand if you are an a$$hat and play with no sportsmanship? Just skip the pagentry and go straight to being a jerk.

      17. Why can't we play a day of region games like they used to do? Wouldn't four games at the Civic Center have been a blast for hoops fans?

      18. Wow this feels good.

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