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    Congratulations to the STM Lady Cavs for ranking No. 1 in the Class A rankings for the first time in the girls basketball program at St. Thomas More.  It is, of course, well deserved, as they are undefeated so far this season.  They will be without Tessa Pesicka for the remainder of the season, but they have the ability to pick up the lack of her presence in other areas of the game. 

    Don't get me wrong, Pesicka will be missed by the Lady Cavs.  She is a tall, strong player and does well underneath the basket both offensively and defensively.  It will be hard not to notice her gone in that post position.  STM has Arity and Moira Duffy that will take over in the paint, and they have done a good job there.  I would imagine the perimeter shooters will be keeping very busy in the weeks to come.  The Lady Cavs are very confident there, and they have very strong outside shooters.  Their scrappy defense has always been impressive, as well.  Keep on working hard and you most definitely will be State Tourney bound!!

    6 Responses

    1. Thorpes Says:

      Lady Cavs better watch out for the Thorpes. We can't wait to see you in the region championship. Thorpes, Thorpes, Thorpes.......... Gonna be wild ladies. We gonna show them what we got.

      1. Uncle Buzzard Says:

        Thorpes, I see your post was a month ago. Great prediction. It should be a good game. Hopefully the boys will match up together as well.

    2. Concerned... Says:

      -1 dislike

      Not impressed by this team. Poor sportsmanship which is encouraged by the fans (parents) and the coaching staff!! It's also sad that you use recruiting to get the best girls on your team. If you weren't in the state tourney you'd be wasting your money and all of the snobby parents would have the coach fired. Feel bad for those girls!!

    3. Clem Overpeck Says:


      To Concerned:

      Are you talking about the Lady Cavs being unsportsmanlike? What game was this? The fans/parents are close to the quietest crowd I've seen. And what girls have been recruited to play on this team? All of the girls on the present team had been students at the middle school and now attending the high school. One gal is just an 8th grader. Your comment about the state tourney doesn't even make sense. I'm not sure what that is about. Sounds like you have a beef more with a parent or parents than you do the team.

      1. Uncle Buzzard Says:

        BUZZ, this person is just flappin their gums trying to stir up some trouble. STM girls have never been a contender until this year. Now and only now has the rich snobby parents and unsportsmanlike accusations have been thrown around. Concerned just wants to start something. STM fans and players have to deal with this where ever they play. The poor fan behavior comes from the opposition 90% of the time. If STM was a 500 team in all sports boys and girls no one would even care.

    4. Birdman Says:


      There are legitimate criticisms of STM out there, but going after the girls basketball team for its sportsmanship is nutty.

      Concerned is an idiot.

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