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    The "Big game" between Rapid City Central Cobblers and the Rapid City Stevens Raiders girls basketball is tomorrow night, and I, along with many others, feel this will be a heck of a game.   I'm going to do something I've never done and throw out my pregame prediction.  Before this last weekend my pick was an easy one.  Now it becomes more difficult.

    Central is coming off a very exciting win over the weekend, and because of that I am picking the Cobblers to win tomorrow night over the Raiders by 5 points.  The Central Cobblers are so scrappy defensively, and their go-to girls are Biegler and Beaird.  That's not to say the others don't make a great contribution, but it's hard not to notice the playing ability both offensively and defensively of those two gals.  Just to make sure I'm clear, I know it takes all the girls playing as a team to win games.  Let's get that straight right now.  I am impressed with Central as a whole defensively, and I think that is going to be key in the game against the Raiders.

    The Stevens Raiders also have two go-to girls in McCloud and Klapprodt.  Margaret McCloud is so strong both offensively and defensively.  When she is out, especially when she gets in foul trouble, you notice her gone instantly.  The Raiders don't have anyone else her size or strength.  They do have a strong outside shooter in Klapprodt, but I'm predicting the Cobblers are going to have her heavily guarded throughout the night.  Now, maybe that will get the Cobblers in foul trouble early, but I feel they have more depth in their shooting and more intensity in their defense than the Raiders do and they will recover.   The Raiders have others that can shoot, but don't shoot enough.  If they step up, I might be eating this prediction. 

    I have no vested interest in either of these teams, just thought I would stir it up and make a prediction.  It's not rocket science, just one guy and his thoughts.  What do you think?  What is your prediction? 

    4 Responses

    1. Jimmy John Says:

      I like the way Coach Blomme has the Cobblers playing right now.

    2. Raider Nation Says:

      If the Raiders lose will there be a quote in the paper about the refs cheating them??? Refs talk with each other and I don't think this coach did his team any favors by calling out the refs.

    3. Clem Overpeck Says:

      To Raider Nation:

      SportsBuz doesn't have anything to do with the Journal, which is the paper I believe you are speaking of. Refs do speak with each other, that's a fact, but I hope they have more integrity than to throw a game because of a beef with the coach. That isn't the girls' problem. We can only hope for a fair game called by the refs. It won't be the first time, however, a team/coach blames the refs, though.

    4. Once a Cobbler Always a....... Says:

      Wow! DeBoer really lashed out at the officials. Not good! Did he get reprimanded for that? In college the university and/or coach would get a hefty fine for that. Seems in today's sports world there always has to be an excuse. Good luck to both teams tonight. Go Cobblers.

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