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    CUSTER vs STM: A twofer analysis


    The week prior to the last STM vs Custer shootout I asked the question of whether the game was hype or reality.  For STM the title of a very forgettable Ben Stiller film from 1990’s comes to mind: Reality Bites

    Prior to the January game folks were predicting a high scoring affair.  For the record, I predicted the following “Look for this one to be a low scoring affair.”  I would be a liar if I said that I thought the Cavs would score a measly 35 points. I seriously doubt if either team will end up in the 30’s again this week.  How did the previous game end up 38-35? Well, to start with neither team shot well up in Custer.  Some of that could be contributed to early season jitters and good defense perhaps.  I was reviewing some photos from the first meeting and one really struck a chord---see below.


    For those of you who were at the game this looks very familiar.  The smaller Cats managed to spread, spread, spread out the Cavs, causing them to ultimately take many bad shots throughout the night.  In this regard the larger court at the Custer Armory compared to the STM gym might be a slight advantage to the Cavs on Friday?

    I think more important though will be the ability of the Cavs to use their size advantage against the Cats.  In the earlier game the Cats nullified the size advantage, and ultimately salted the game away with good free throw shooting.  If this one comes down to a free throw shooting contest the Cats could very well again prevail.


    STM came into the first meeting between the two teams with a swagger, having beaten the Cats every time since 2003.  Despite harbingers along the way (two years earlier the Cavs JV team took a rare loss to the Cats JV team), STM was clearly the favorite in January.  

    One has to ask the question of whether this game might define the season for STM or Custer?  Another loss to a Region 8 foe confirms the Cavs vulnerability to not only Custer but to Pine Ridge and Red Cloud.  A convincing victory for STM brings back the swagger into the post season, and reminds Custer of the 2003-2011 drought.  I could see the loser of the game on Friday also losing to their respective opponent the following night at the Schoolers Classic (STM plays Viborg-Hurley and Custer plays Winner).  So, will the game on Friday define the season for these two teams?

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    1. KINGDMS Says:

      +1 like -4 dislikes

      It will be within 8 one way or the other! Really not sure who will win but score will be 65-60. Both will win Saturday with STM winning by 20+ and Custer winning by 10+.

    2. Joe Blow Says:

      +3 likes -2 dislikes

      I think More will win this game and the region 8 title game. The Cavs have too many good players to only score 35 points. Custer is good, really good but Tommie More is better ... but only if More attacks the basket instead of stnding around and jacking up long shots or turning the ball over.

    3. jon thin elk Says:

      +2 likes -12 dislikes

      I feel both of these teams will play "robot ball" for 32 minutes, a boring game in the mid 40s. I give the edge to Custer. STM is too methodical, and almost predictable. Whoever loses this one will be too deflated, mentally and emotionally for Pine Ridge in Region 8

      1. buzzard lover Says:

        I think so too

      2. anonymous Says:

        Why people did not like this comment so much? He said "TRUTH"

    4. silk52 Says:

      +2 likes -3 dislikes

      Feb 11th will be a completely different game... first of all the STM starting 5 got their humility handed to them in Lead by a full bench playing the whole second quarter and a non locker room visit from any coaches at half time ---- this awakened the sleeping giants and they will show up Friday. Secondly this Friday has a few things going for it in favor of STM: No players have the full on flu and noone will have been cramming for a week into the wee hours of the morning for semester finals. Rested and Reved up full of something and Vinegar...not the way I'd want to play the Cavs if I was a Wildcat. I don't expect a blowout but I think a Cav win is in the cards.

    5. old school 63 Says:

      +3 likes -1 dislike

      Anyone remember when white river beat that "good" STM team at LNI.

      1. westriverball Says:

        nope i don't remember that

      2. Jimmy V Says:

        STM has never played White River in the LNI.

      3. buzzard lover Says:

        I dont know and remember that

    6. old school 63 Says:

      I thought so

    7. Winner STM Says:


      BTW, nice photo

    8. K Lewis Says:


      While this game will ge great and one that people will talk about, the next 3 days will prove interesting for STM. The Cavs play Hot Springs on Thursday, Custer on Friday and then travel to Sioux Falls to play Viborg/Hurely on Saturday. Three days, three games, looks like a State Tournament type schedule. Hot Springs in not that good this year, but like many first round games in the tournament, could pull an upset because the "favored" team is looking to the next opponent(s). Second game is Custer, which is a huge game. Both teams have a great history in their programs and great coaches. Region and State Tournament seeding is at stake. It will be a big emotional, physical game. Then, no time off until another big game, 400 miles away in Sioux Falls. STM takes on Viborg/Hurley, a team revered by East River fans as a State Champion contender. Custer takes on Winner, another team that is a great team also. Saturday is the huge test after a huge game on Friday.
      Region 8 has four contenders and one spoiler that make it fun this year. On Sunday Morning, we will see who is still standing and ready for the run. I am looking forward to the next three games in a row to see how things shake out. Even in "bad" years, Custer & STM play hard against each other and when both teams are like they are this year, no sitting at this game and they will be hanging from the rafters for this one. Being a STM fan, I see the edge to STM at home, they haven't lost there for a very long time.

    9. jim stover Says:

      +2 likes -1 dislike

      don,t know why i like custer but will pick them for fri. & sat ha!ha!

      1. Custer fan Says:

        You are right! CUSTER is better than STM. I believe that CUSTER will prove it Today again!

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