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    Jimmy Lives Another Day; Poll 55 Percent in Favor

    This week's prediction is dedicated to the 55% of you who supported me in the poll.  The other 45% of you should know better than to bet against me. Fools.

    Unacceptable is the word when I post my record of 1-2. What happened to the crystal ball that is supposed to be incredibly accurate? The crystal ball may be kaput?

    Last week I predicted St. Thomas would break a 4 year losing streak Wayne Sullivan and his Cavalier’s have acquired while playing Winner. Boy was I wrong!  Dan Aaker once again proved the triple option offense is something the 18 coaches, yes that’s right, 18 coaches from St. Thomas can’t figure out. If you are unable stop the triple option in South Dakota you won’t make it far in the playoffs, plain and simple. I thought the Cavaliers would do just that, but Winner not only won the game; they won this game in a convincing manner. A good old fashion woodshed whipping by a score of 56-31. You can’t give up over half a hundred and expect to win.

    Time to move on to this week’s match-up between 11AA Rapid City Central (1-1) and 11A Spearfish (1-1). There will be a lot on the line for the future AAA Cobblers who watched soon to be AAA Stevens Raiders get drilled by 11A Spearfish last week in the Rushmore Bowl.

    Can Trent Pikula put together a game plan to avoid losing to the 11A Spartans? The Cobblers need to carry the flag for the future AAA schools on Friday night.  Bruce Brecee will try to knock off the second Rapid City school in a week’s time. When was the last time Spearfish beat Rapid City Stevens and Central in the same year?

    Jimmy’s Prediction:



    Bonus Picks:

    STM 52  (Thommy More fixes the 'swiss cheese' defense this week.)
    Douglas 6

    Custer 26
    Lead/Deadwood 14

    Sturgis 12   (OT)
    Stevens 18

    If you like those picks click here to see an even better one.


    4 Responses

    1. wrsd Says:

      +1 like

      Jimmy, my friend, I'm afraid you're about to go to 1-3. Spearfish 32 Central 13.

    2. C.C. OHarra Says:

      +1 like

      I see Jimmy is trying to pad his record with some "Bonus Picks". Shameless attempt to win over the 45%? Nice try, Jimmy.

    3. Jimmy the Buzzard Says:

      If Spearfish beats Central that would make 11B St. Thomas More the best high school football team in the Black Hills area. The fact that STM would be the best football team in Rapid City over future AAA teams Stevens (already lost to Spearfish 38-0) and Central would lead me to believe a U-Haul truck on Saturday morning would be backing up to the following homes; Tim Mitchell, Jarod Vasquez, and Darrin Paulson.

    4. Jimmy the Buzzard Says:

      -1 dislike

      C.C. OHarra,
      Spearfish over Central, as wsrd pointed out, is no easy game to predict. Also, Custer lost to a poor Newcastle team and Sturgis/Stevens is a toss-up. The only sure thing is Thommy More fixing that swiss cheese defense and thumping the Patriots.

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