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    No. 1 seeded St. Thomas More Lady Cavs may have gotten off the bus a little stiff, but they managed to loosen up by the second half of their game against No. 8 seeded Winner to pull off a 60-53 win.   The Lady Cavs struggled and fell behind at half time by 6 points.  STM didn't look as strong as they usually do defensively in the first half, and were shooting a dismal 26 percent, as well. 

    The half time talk or the mere fact of wanting it bad enough brought out a more determined team in the second half.   They scored 11 unanswered points to start the half, which put them ahead at the end of the third quarter by 3 points.  They had some great free throw shooting by Madison Kirsch that definately kept them in the game.  The Lady Cavs played a strong fourth quarter and ran away with the win. 

    STM will now face Sisseton tonight at 6 p.m.   The Lady Cavs have never been to a A tournament and most likely came out with first-game jitters.  With all of that out of their system and the will to win, they should come out of the gates a lot stronger tonight. 

    22 Responses

    1. purple Says:


      STM better pray that Sissetin has an off night or this game won't even be close. Sisseton won't hand them a win the way winner did. I don't remember if I read it here? But the Duffy girl in not a D1 player. Not even the best in tourney, good but not great.

    2. Birdman Says:

      -4 dislikes

      Hell of a call so far, Purp. 22-20 STM at the half. Duffy's got 11 points, 3 boards and 3 assists.

      Tell me, who is a better player in this tournament?

    3. Birdman Says:

      -3 dislikes

      Nothing like getting screwed by the refs.

    4. Go Sisseton Says:


      Nothing like blaming the refs.

    5. Birdman Says:


      When they win the game it's hard not to.

    6. Tigerblood Says:


      Im from Mobridge and i've watched Sisseton play 3 times this season. This is the worst they looked bar none that I've personaly saw. Birdman, Huntington of Sisseton is a better all round player than Duffy in my and a lot of others sitting court side. For some odd reason Sisseton didnt get her the ball in the second half and Sisseton posts played very poorly. The 5 second count that some keep bringing up. I was sitting 20 feet away and the count was on. It was called just as the Sisseton player started to back off. In my opinion if your from STM or West River your prolly going to think it was a bad call. However.. fans from neither STM or Sisseton didnt really see it the way its being described by a few on here. The traveling call? could have went either way. Duffy was moving her knees before she started to dribble. There wasnt enough time left for her to even try to make a pass. I'm 99% sure the Ref's didnt have some kind of theory to get the Cav's. Honestly... I though the Cav's got a lot more calls that went their way. Just my two cents.

    7. Birdman Says:

      Sisseton shot 50 percent from the field for the game. Spare me that it was the worst they've looked.

    8. Birdman Says:

      And Huntington is a great player. No argument here. Where's she going to school?

    9. Birdman Says:


      Huntington 14 points, 2 rebounds, 0 assists.

      Duffy 18 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists.

      I hope you're not a talent scout.

    10. Birdman Says:

      "I though (sic) the Cav's (sic) got a lot more calls that went their way."

      STM 22 fouls, Sisseton 14 fouls (to say nothing of the last three whistles).

      I'm wondering if maybe you had an obstructed-view seat courtside, Tigerblood? Or maybe you were talking to too many others sitting around you about Huntington? I can't figure out what game you must have been watching.

    11. Tigerblood Says:

      Chill Bird man. Let me be straight here. Its pretty obvious your a STM fan. This sorta " the refs" lost it for us is a big reason STM image is stained cause it happens every time they lose. I hope you all show a little class and give Clark after they win tonight.

      I was courtside, you watching on grainy PC or TV. You can whine all you like it ain't changing nothing.

    12. billeblujay91 Says:


      STM had plenty of chances to win the game. Unforced turnovers and missed free-throws in OT certainly hurt their chances.
      I don't think the refs had any particular bias against STM. I think that the official that made the 5 second call LOVES to make the dramatic call that draws attention to himself.
      Tigerblood, there is no question that the count was on. The question is whether or not it should have been on. I watched the game on TV and rewound the DVR. At one point in the count the defender's feet are on the white line and the dribbler's back foot is on the red/pink line. Look at that distance on the court today. There is no way that qualifies as closely guarded by any definition.
      Interestingly, on replay, on the 5 second call earlier in the game on Sisseton actually spans SEVEN seconds, even after he restarts his count once. He also stops the count once when the STM defender is measurably closer to the dribbler than was the Sisseton defender to Duffy at the end of the game. That qualifies as a demonstrable inconsistent application of the rule.
      It is unfortunate that an official's desire the be the center of attention takes the ball out of an all-state player's hands in the closing seconds of a tie game.

    13. Jim Bussell Says:

      Probably not the best officiated game I've ever seen but, if one or two blown calls cost you the game, then you didn't make enough plays to win the game. It sucks for STM, but then again, they are in the dance and still had a better season than most teams in the state or any STM girls team before them. Don't blame the refs: make more plays, and don't be too down about it, because they made it at least.

    14. DBIL Says:

      Please read item number 22 on a list of 'most misunderstood basketball rules' compiled by the SDHSAA.

      Maybe this would put a rest to the panter.

    15. billiebluejay91 Says:

      Nice link DBIL. It is also of note that the 5 seconds must be continous. If, at any point, the dribbler moves more than 6 feet away from the defender the count stops and does not resume until the defender closes within 6 feet.
      I have no problem with the call if that is the way it had been called the entire game. It was not.

      STM can't complain too much, though. They had their chance with two set plays at end of regulation and couldn't capitalize.

    16. Joe Blow Says:

      To Birdman: Winners win graciously and losers lose with dignity. You are not doing either. To blame the refs is absurd ... grow up! It's not like the ref was counting to five in his head, his arm was moving with each count. Someone on the STM team and/or bench had to be aware (and the player with the ball is the most obvious candidate) ... can you say, asleep at the wheel.

    17. purplepride Says:

      Well said Joe. Id like to add that Duffy went knew it was a good call. She went off on another Stm player about it. I was really surprised Sisseton stayed with the down low game all night. They can hit the outside shots but didn't seem to wanna shoot any. I've seen Sisseton play 5 times this year and I thought theyw played rather sloppy and im not taking anything away from Stm. The people like Birdman are really making a great young team look like a bunch of sore losers. That's really sad.

    18. Tigerblood Says:

      Where is big talking Bird man now? After making a complete heel out of himself and STM he must have been sent back to the hole.

    19. Birdman Says:

      Big talking Birdman? Jesus. Is that how they do it in Mobridge? If you really want to talk this out, come find me. I love talking basketball. It won't take a private eye to get it done. I was in Huron. I'm back in Rapid now.

      I never said STM would or would not have won that game. Nor did I say Sisseton would have won or lost it. We don't know. That's the problem. The fact of the matter remains that the referees TOOK THE GAME OUT OF THE PLAYERS' HANDS and played a major role in the end result of a tie game at the state tournament when they had absolutely no reason to.

      Everybody can pretend otherwise, but anyone who has ever played any basketball at all (even 5th grade ball in Mobridge) knows that 5-second call was absurd.

    20. Wildchild Says:

      Birdman.. the problem is this, Sisseton won! I can tell you from speaking to some refs at Sat session that your talk and that of the Stm faithful is prolly not gonna get you many calls in next seasons games. Your foolish to think that these refs are gonna forget some of the absurd comments that have been made by you and others. NOT ONE person that I spoke with on Sat thought that call was as big of call outside of Stm, not one! In fact, many said the count went far beyond 5 seconds and closer to 7. With your logic, we might as well not have refs during the games. NO call is ever going to be the right call for either side, thats just the way it goes. Now if Stm would of come out and beat C/WL it would make your argument a little stronger. Fact is, they didnt. The best team won the tourney there is no disputing that fact. Stm needs to take a play out of the boys program and play some stiffer teams. They are a top 5 team. They are well coached and young. Duffy is a great player. 4th or 5th best in A. And thats a darn good group to be in. Stm has nothing to hang their heads about. They will be a strong team again next season and Duffy will be a top 3 or higher player. I personaly hate to see fans and parents play the game instead of the kids. Lets let it play out next season and let the players do the playing and I'd bet the farm we'll see a Beresford/Stm final.

    21. billiebluejay91 Says:

      So Wildchild says, after talking to refs, that STM will not get many calls next season because of the talk of Birdman and the faithful..... Wow... that comment certainly fuels the fire of the conspiracy theorists!

      When there is a questionable call in your predicted STM/Beresford final next year, many will recall your post wonder about the motive of the official that made the call.

    22. karlap Says:

      stm played a great game and they came up short, whether you want to place the blame on the officials or not, the didn't play solid enough to win. one blown call doesn't decide a game if a team is that good.

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