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    SO CLOSE, BUT........

    The old saying unfortunately is very true......close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  The St. Thomas More Lady Cavs came out one basket away from a win against Sisseton, losing in overtime 46-45.   Both teams were strong on defense, and very equal in shooting percentages, as well.  It was a game that looked like it might go the Lady Cavs' way, but Sisseton wasn't about to go down easy and fought back in the fourth quarter, pushing the game into overtime.

    Overtime play was a game of ping pong........back and forth, basket for basket.  It was a five-second violation, however, on STM that changed the game.  I always thought you actually had to have someone defending you before a ref can start counting down.   I'm just saying.......hmmmm because that call very well could have changed the outcome of the game.  Yes, it was a great game on both teams' part, but close doesn't count in the end. 

    Good luck to Sisseton, and STM had a great season and a great showing for the first time in the State Tournament.

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    1. LivingTruth Says:

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      There you have it, Class A girls teams from the west side are 0-fer against the east side of the state, 1-5 in the tournament with the only win coming against another west side team.

      This is just another loud clarion call for a more egalitarian system for putting teams in the the state tournament. STM builds a gaudy record on cream puffs and takes a spot at state deserving for a better team (i.e., Harrisburg, ELB). Re-seed the teams after district, or index wins and strength of schedule, but whatever we do, fix the biased, and system that we currently have!

    2. grover Says:

      -1 dislike

      STM may have built gaudy record, but you can't tell me that they aren't one of the best 8 teams in the state or don't deserve to be there. Get used to them being there, because they only lose 1 senior

    3. Wildchild Says:

      Wow! could have should have but didnt. I've said before.. STM caugt Sisseton sleeping on Friday night. It wouldnt happen a 2nd time. STM loses to C/WL whom Sisseton manhandles by over 20. Sisseton was lucky enough to survive a poor showing in game 2 but comes out and plays it's game on Sat and wins easily.

    4. Jim Bussell Says:


      I can't really stand the East River guy. I hate the East/West argument. Just for grins, though, I looked a little. It is true, the seeding is kind of messed up and the east did dominate. STM compiled their record against 15 different teams this season. Of those, none qualified for the tournament (even the two Nebraska schools). 8 of the 15 had sub .500 records and their one "close" game was against an 11-8 class B team. The seeding needs to be different. There's no way a team with those stats would make it as a #1 seed in, for example, the NCAA brackets. Now, that being said, STM won two of those games against my daughters team, and while I am not a big fan of STM, 4th is still respectable. Their first tournament in school history for GBB is an accomplishment, and the bottom line: They were there playing it, we were here watching it. Congrats just the same.

    5. billiebluejay91 Says:

      -1 dislike

      I have idea how any sane person could possibly come to the conclusion that STM's performance would validate re-seeding. They played the STATE CHAMPION to an OT game! How on earth is that not competing?
      East-River guy always crows about re-seeding when his team loses in district, but interestingly I have not heard a peep about re-seeding in Boys A this year. Region 8 could have supplied 3 of the 8 teams in the tournament this year, had re-seeding occurred. Throw in Winner and half of the re-seeded tournament could have could have come from West-River. How about that egalitarian approach?

    6. Jim Bussell Says:

      @ billiebluejay- I didn't peep about boys since we weren't really talking about them, but yeah- I totally agree the boys' should be re-seeded too. I think all three classes in both genders for Basketball and probably Volleyball too. I kind of like how football does it with the powerpoints. I don't disagree with you, though. It's got nothing to do with how STM performed, I like the idea if it were them or the Holy Sisters of See, Hear, or Speak no evil high school. Not a shot at STM. If you or anyone else took it that way, my apologies.

    7. LivingTruth Says:

      +1 like

      Reseed the boys? Definitely! Even more reasson to reseed. There are better teams and teams funner to watch (Custer, Madison) than Redfield, Miller, ARon and yes, Winner.

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