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    Not Just Another Top Ten List

    I continue to receive requests for another Top 10 list but several of you have been asking for very specific items on that list which will, in turn, lead to me providing the “obvious” answer.  Yes, White River is the best basketball team in Class B … duh!  Yes, Padraic Duffy has already forgotten more about basketball than most of us will ever know in our lifetimes … duh!!  Yes, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology has the best Professors in the field … duh!!!   Instead I offer you the “not so obvious” Top Ten List from the top 10 questions all of you have tweeted me.

    10. Who is the team beating all of the top AA teams in South Dakota?

    Answer: Marshall Minnesota… every team in the state is lucky Marshall is nowhere near the border like Lake Benton is or there might be a co-op with a South Dakota team looking to whip up on Roosevelt or any other school chasing a state title.  I saw Watertown get beat by Marshall, a team with a 20-2 record.  There just aren’t any holes with the exception of no dominant 5 spot player.  0, 23, 10 and 24 were all solid players and they go 8 deep.  I heard the name Saugstad called out all night … good player.

    9. Which team is number 1 in the Catholic school rankings?

    Answer: St Thomas More … why, of course More is the top team.  STM beat Roncalli by a point up in Aberdeen.  Roncalli beat O’Gorman two weeks ago in Sioux Falls.  St Thomas More is number 1, followed by Aberdeen Roncalli and then Sioux Falls O’Gorman.  OG’s teams of the past few years would have made a much better argument for the top spot … not so much this year.

    8. Who is the number 10 AA team?

    Answer: Rapid City Central … the Cobblers are on a two game winning streak and that constitutes being on a roll in West River AA basketball.

    7. Is St Francis Indian for real?

    Answer: Yes … They are my surprise Class A team along with Elkton Lake Benton.  Winner was a disappointment this year as I predicted they would win a weak District 13 … and they still might pull it off.  However, St Francis is a darn good team with James Henry, Charles Broken Leg and Trevor Brave Bird all scoring double figures.  Broken Leg and Brave Bird are rebounding stars. 

    6. Who are the top five players of all time?

    Answer: Louie Krogman of White River, Don Jacobsen of Lake Norden, Mike Miller of Mitchell, Josh Mueller of West Central, and Chad Nelson of Yankton … this list is so arbitrary and open to much debate and criticism but I had to include the two leading scorers of all time in Krogman and Jacobsen.  Louie later starred at USD and Jacobsen at SDSU.  Mike Miller is simply the best pro basketball player South Dakota has ever produced, not to mention his three time first team all-state accomplishment.  The former University of Florida player is currently playing in the NBA with the Miami Heat.  Josh Mueller was the player everybody on the other team loved to hate … because he was so good … and cocky.  Josh was a three time all-state player and prolific state tournament scorer … scoring 147 points in the 2001 three game tournament including 60 in the semifinal and 55 in the championship game.  Nelson is the best true big man the state has produced.  The 6’11 Yankton star looked like a 30 year old as a mature heavy bearded freshman.  He was recruited and signed with Minnesota but finished his career at Drake where he was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 1978.  I would add Steve Brown from Hamlin and Jason Sutherland from Watertown as two high school players I loved to watch … also loved Brown at SDSU and Jason at Mizzou.

    5. Who will be on the Class B all-tournament team?

    Answer: Bo Fries from Langford, Tage Hargens from Arlington, Chayce Hall from Potter County, Cody Bunger and Alex Robertson from Canistota, Nathan Wedel and Alex Hofer from JVC, Dakota Votaw from South Central, Wyatt Krogman and Joe Cameron from White River, and Nate Widow from Dupree.   

    4.  Who will be on the Class A all-tournament team?

    Answer: Kendall Deutsch from Roncalli, Skyler Flatten and Torrey Kolden from Clark Willow Lake, Carson Long and Jordan Baker from Sioux Falls Christian, Blake Van Ginkel from Dakota Valley, Brandon Reif from McCook Central Montrose, Zach Dockter from Mobridge Pollock, JeffLeBeau from Pine Ridge, and Aidan Goetzinger from St Thomas More.

    3.  Which team is the third best boys basketball team of all time?

    Answer: 1964 Howard Tigers … they had three all state players on their undefeated, 28-0, state championship team: Roger Truman, Dennis Carlson, and Glen Rasmussen.  The South Dakota Basketball Hall of Fame has recognized 1964 Howard as a Team of Excellence.  

    2. Who will represent District 4 AA in the state tournament?

    Answer: It’s too early to tell … but I like Steven Schaeffer and Rapid City Stevens in the weakest region in the state … in any class.   

    1.       What game has been the Game ‘O The Year in South Dakota boys basketball?

    Answer: White River vs. James Valley Christian … the game played last night, February 14th, in Fort Pierre is the consensus GOTY.  The game featured two Class B heavyweights punching and counter-punching with multiple ties and lead changes.  For those of you who thought that White River was going to walk all over the Class B competition … think again.  Four observations: 1. James Valley Christian (and all the other top B teams) now understand that White River is good but not in another universe good.  2. Eldon Marshall now knows what he needs to work on … to beat JVC anyway.  3. Joe Cameron broke out in a big way.  4. JVC has several studs to bring to the fight … Hofer, Wedel, Ulvestad et al.    

    8 Responses

    1. Buzz Says:

      If you are saying that every region has three teams that are all better than Stevens, Central, and Sturgis than you are severely biased against AA.

    2. JACKALOPE Says:

      +1 like

      I don't think I have a AA bias, severe or not. I call it like I see it and the stench from the bad AA basketball west of Pierre is putrid. There are only two other districts in the state with weaker competition and those are districts 4 and 5 in Class B. Finally, I am not saying that every region has better teams than the Stevens, Central and Sturgis trifecta ... simply stating my opinion that one of these three teams will be in the AA tourney with a sub-500 record and that's weak.

    3. Buzz Says:

      -1 dislike

      You said that 4AA is the weakest region in the state, any class. Because of our records? Play who we play and then talk. Jack$$$.

    4. JACKALOPE Says:

      You are misinterpreting my comments. 4AA is the weakest in Class AA and those two dud districts, 4 and 5, in Class B are weaker ... relatively speaking. As for "play who we play and then talk" ... holy cow, where do I begin? Do you realize you are playing ... and losing ... to each other? Where are the quality wins against any quality team in your own class? By the way ... I've been insulted by better people and in a better manner ... Jack$$$ ... now that's good.

    5. Buzz Says:

      -2 dislikes

      I am not misinterpreting anything. I know what "weakest region in the state, in any class" means. You use words such as weak, stench, and putrid to describe the basketball being played in 4AA. I find no cause for this. But I am sure you are a better person who can insult more teams in a better manner. Congrats.

    6. JACKALOPE Says:

      Good, on that we can agree ... I am a good insulter.

    7. Joe Blow Says:

      +1 like

      Buzz: You have to be kidding me! Surely you jest, only the blind and foolish would argue that the 4AA teams are anything but what Jack$$$ says they are. The only victory any of the three teams (not counting Douglas) has agasinst winning teams is one win against 10-9 Lincoln. That's not anything to brag about!

    8. Buzz Says:

      -1 dislike

      Who's bragging?? I am just trying to defend the team i support. Outside of losses to Roosevelt and Pierre, we've been very competitive. That's all. I've never once said anything about how good or strong these teams are. But I should just let Jackalope tell everyone were weak. The basketball we play is bad. I should just swallow it. Not happening.

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