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    One Class System Proponents To Get Plan Adopted

    In the “you heard it here first category”, the Athletic Directors at every single ESD school have drafted a petition that would effectively eliminate Class B and Class A basketball.   Yes, in true Hoosiers fashion, and led by the AD at the largest ADM school in the ESD, the state of South Dakota is reverting back to the venerable and iconic one class system.   This is as close to a done deal as you can get.   Allegedly, the ESD schools ADs have been secretly politicking with all the non-Sioux Falls ADs and there is more than enough support to pass this at the ad hoc meeting being called by the SDHSAA on 1 April at 1300 Mountain Time. 

    On the surface this sounds like the anti-Class AAA 11 man football debacle … and it is.   But stop and think about how smart this really is for schools like Aberdeen Central who can’t get out of their own way every basketball season … with the “Jared Hannigan anomaly season” exception.  Now the Golden Eagles will have the opportunity to schedule the likes of Iroquois and Edmunds County Central and Waubay without being penalized for playing, and possibly losing, to former Class B schools!   This is pure genius.  What a way to pad the old win-loss record and hang onto your coaching job!    I wish I had thought of this first and marketed it to some of these Athletic Directors and coaches!  

    Now Watertown will have the opportunity to again be an above 500 team without losing face by playing teams like Deuel and Great Plains Lutheran.   A very reliable source has confirmed that Watertown has already inked a home and home series with both GPL and Deuel.   Again, not unlike Alabama playing Alabama State in a home and home series … the Arrows will have all of these critical games played on their home court.   Why would we travel to Lake Preston asked a prominent Watertown Arrow backer, when we can pay them $100 to play us at The Civic Arena?  

    This makes so much sense; I’m shocked that nobody has already thought of this.   I mean, think about it.  With the current three class system, all but three teams end up not winning the state championship.   Most of those teams who do not win the state title would end up with better records by playing the likes of Iroquois instead of Sioux Falls Roosevelt.   What’s not to like about that?   Would you rather play all of the Sioux Falls schools and lose or play the local teams in your area and win?   Folks, I call that a no-brainer.   That is a slam dunk argument …. In fact, it’s not even an argument … case closed!

    I have to admit, there was a little bit of dissension in the ranks caused by the Rapid City AA schools.   Rumor has it that none of them were interested in playing, and quite probably losing to St Thomas More.    Especially now that Steven Schaefer’s eligibility has expired at Stevens, the AA schools in the Black Hills will likely fall back to the pack.   I also understand that Rapid City Christian has a stud post player that none of the other Rapid City area schools want to play against nest season.  However, that will likely be a moot point considering the recruiting prowess of The Evil Blue Empire.    Can you say: Twin Towers at Tommie More?  I might add: Rapid City Stevens and Central can always schedule home and home with Newell and Wakpala.   Now that’s some schedule padding genius!  

    The good old boys in Mitchell would have never considered this in the Munsen era.   But, when you go 1-21 like the Kernels just did, desperate times call for desperate measures.  The Kernels actually think they can take Mitchell Christian … if the game was played on the Kernels home court … errr … ummm … make that The Corn Palace.   Well, advantage to Mitchell Christian.  

    How many games do you think Iroquois, Wakpala, Waubay, Howard and Florence Henry will have scheduled now?   I bet these teams could schedule a game every day of the week if the SDHSAA would let them play every day.   My guess is that every major power in the state would be lined up to schedule these Class B cream puffs. 

    Of course, the Sioux Falls schools in their usual arrogant and condescending way, look at this as another way for the rest of the state to “get even” with the superior Sioux Empire.   A loud and very vocal Sioux Falls Lincoln backer was heard screaming at his AD when he found out.   WTF, do you mean Brandon Valley can now play Colman Egan instead of us?    That’s just down right cowardly and we need to keep this from happening!   While the Sioux Falls schools are playing each other plus the Sioux City schools and some Minnesota powerhouses just to fill in their schedule left with many holes, BV and Yankton and Brookings beat up on former Class B wimps without Power Point repercussions.  A former SF Washington coach was heard crying in his beer: wow, this all happened a year or two late for me.   My oh my, I could have had at least two more wins on my record if I had been allowed to play some of these Class B schools in the area.

    Stay tuned for the results of the vote on April 1st.   But, I have good intelligence that the vote will be overwhelmingly in favor of re-establishing the One Class system in both boys and girls basketball starting with the 2014-15 season. 

    3 Responses

    1. bulldog Says:

      Good one!!! April Fools!!

    2. JACKALOPE Says:

      Laughing! April Fools is correct!
      I wouldn't want to see the return of the one class system ... but the two class ... now that's what I'm talking about.

    3. bulldog Says:

      No No No...not that two class crap again!! Those small schools with an ADM of 50 can't compete with the schools with an ADM of 200. That would be like Colome playing Madison. I think BB is just fine. Now FB and VB are needing a change. I think there are like 90 teams in class B volleyball. However, it was a good post!!!

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