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    3-3-15: Forum Pollsters Class A Boys Hoops Poll

    Several of the Pollsters are experiencing a lack of pith. Will it be a pithless post season? The big mover this week in the poll are the Cubbies. Harbinger of things to come?

    Contributing the pith this week are Jackalope, Artis Gilmore, rufus, Hartley’s Huddle Media and yours truly. Sod Buzzard was with limited pith. Who is Mike Honcho anyway? 

    1. Aberdeen Roncalli (50 pts)
    2. Dell Rapids (42 pts)
    3. Clark-Willow Lake (40 pts)
    4. tie Little Wound, Winner (26 pts)
    6. Madison (25 pts)
    7. Sioux Falls Christian (21 pts)
    8. Chamberlain (12 pts)
    9. STM (9 pts)
    10. Red Cloud (7 pts)
    11. tie MCM, MVP (5 pts)
    13. Tiospa Zina (4 pts)
    14. Groton (2 pts)
    15. Lennox (1 pt)

    Watch List: Parkston, Tea Area, Lead-Deadwood, Hamlin, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, West Central, St. Francis, Redfield-Doland, Vermillion, Miller


    We have a first, a poem, a limerick of sorts, from a Pollster: 

    Soon we will see
    Whether we
    Observers, near and far
    Really know
    What are. 

    I've got no pith this week. It's time to perform or go home for these teams! 

    Unless you are the lead dog in class A the view never changes. Dells looks almost unbeatable but not so much against Roncalli. Roncalli seems to own the rest of the field except Clark. But Clark doesn't get out of town without first beating the unpredictable Cossacks. Little Wound and Madison look to be playing their best ball at the right time. Regions 4 and 5? Pick 'em. Warriors have earned way more wins than respect in region 6, but look to have a slight edge. Was thinking STM would be the team to beat in the west, but just can't say that right now with any degree of accuracy. 

    Nature with the postseason's biggest upset. Just imagine the fun if it were all seeded out.


    My sleeper pick in Region 6. Been there, done that. See you in Rapid City? 

    The kennel club is hoping to get a boost if their top scoring stray dog Tanner DenHoed can return after getting the splint removed from his paw.

    The Bulldogs will cause the SDHSAA to change the post season process as the Madison faithful will be whining about being the best team not making the trip to Rapid City. 

    The Dog Whisperer has the Bulldogs begging for post season treats but the biscuits are sparse this year. 

    Injury wise, the Chicago Bulls of SD high school basketball. 

    Green Cav's drivetrain repairs are holding after earlier mishaps in Clark county and the fish bowl. The brakes are good, the tires are fair, and as soon as coach Nuendorf figures out how to program the Cavalier Tom-Tom they will begin their journey southwest. 

    There’s Gang Green, then there is everyone else.

    The Green Cavaliers started the season with the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center plugged into the GPS and now they get to use those directions as the post season begins. 

    Coach Neuendorf has installed one of those cattle pusher like devices on the Roncalli Green Cavalier in anticipation of needing to push some Tigers and a team of Wambdi off the road on the way to Rapid City.

    The Quarriers are living the life of Riley with the best slasher around, Big Ben, and a Shotmaker with a range of just under 30 feet. But neither the Dogs nor Chargers are likely to give them a free pass. 

    The Quarriers will be slowly moving down I-90 in their mine cars on the road to Rapid City and the Class A tournament. 

    Has anyone watched the new show on Midco local origination cable called The Quarriers and the Dog Whisperer tame the Bulldogs? 

    Zane Schotmaker has been in the Dell Rapids gym hoisting up 30 foot bombs as he practices for region games. 

    Cats suffer 13 losses ths season, that's still better than the 22 Cats that were bagged this season in the Black Hills.

    Some days we see them hanging with the top teams, other days we see them hanging with Lead-Deadwood. 

    The Blue Cavaliers are rolling along at two games above 500 and ready to defend the homeland as the best teams converge on Rapid City in March. 

    Is Coach Hollenbeck playing “rope a dope” with the Class A field or is Tommie More really just an average team this season? 

    Rustlers are one of four teams that can win this region. Rustle up two wins ASAP!

    The Cubs are top 10 in Seed Points but can they make it to state? 

    Region 6 quietly snuck up on fans as one of the strongest in the state with four teams at 14 or more wins! 

    The Cubbies are for real but so is Winner. Region 6 is a tough road to state. 

    Chargers looking at either second or third fiddle in the region 3 orchestra. Beating both the Dogs and Quarriers in consecutive games is one tall task indeed. 

    The Chargers are on a four game win streak but will it be good enough to punch their ticket to Rapid City? 

    The Chargers are also involved in the SDHSAA procedural change designed to get the best teams playing in the state tournament as they are destined to not make the elite 8 this year. 

    Just how do you beat a team with both a 7 footer AND a Tallman? 

    The Mustangs are hot as in 10 game winning streak and are officially the Region 7 favorites.

    The Brown and Black Bulls are stampeding in the general direction of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. 

    Not sure if these cats have thick enough fur to survive the winter, but will classify them as just good enough to be dangerous. 

    Cyclones survive close call with some angry red birds, now have to wait to see if they get another flock of birds this week or if they go out to sea against some marine mammals. 

    The Cyclone season is predicted to be a strong one starting in March with several violent storms expected to cause a destructive path all the way to Rapid City. 

    The South Dakota pheasant report is looking bleak as some Cyclones in and around Clark County took out a large population of Pheasants from the Redfield area. 

    The Cossack Army, leaderless without General Tayt Vincent, couldn’t get out of the way of a band of Cyclones and the resulting damage crippled the Cossacks chances in their march to Rapid City. 

    Need to find a way to stop the Green Cavalier. Sprinkle some nails on the road and say a prayer for a time blowout. 

    Does a 0.500 team have a chance in the same region as CWL and Sioux Valley? No. 

    Wins McGhee back on track. 

    ‘Saders school them to end the season. The end is near.

    I’m not counting out the red birds in the post season. Weak region, these birds need to toughen up though. 

    If the Purple Rain can survive their regional competition, a likely two seed awaits them at the Civic Center. Can Coach Gardner's troops survive the pressure? 

    The purple Warriors still have the most wins at 19-1 and still lacking some respect.

    What’s purple and gold and grown by a Gardner in the Winner area? Why, the Winner Warriors of course. 

    Watch out for Cubbies sneaking through the back door.

    Not a stellar team, but favorites in the south.

    Two HUGE losses to Gang Green. Tough to block those out of the memory banks. 

    Blown out by SFC to end the season, does not bode well for post season run by the Mustangs. 

    Trojans end the season with a win over EPJ, but big loss to MCM still stings, must regroup though if they hope to head west this season. 

    Nothing flashy about these guys but they have gotten the job done to the tune of a one seed in region 5. 

    MVP closed on a five game win streak including a win over region rival MCM making the Titans the favorites in Region 5. 

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