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    Profile: Jim Bussell

    Bringing you stories, tips, tricks and Black Hills fishing reports.

    Recent Posts

    • Learning to Love the Chase

      I have been fortunate enough to catch a few big fish in my lifetime. Still, I’ve never been so excited or felt a rush of relief like the one I felt when my 10 year-old son landed his big Pike just a few weeks ago. That relief and the absolute elation was evident by my loud cheering and by his stunned silence and case of perma-grin. "Now I know what Jiggy meant,” Carson would say later on th...   

    • The Death of a Great Trout Lake

      There are few places that are as near and dear to my heart as Lakota Lake in the Black Hills. Located off of Iron Mountain Road, this lake is where I spent a lot of time growing up and even now as an “adult”. I feel almost as though Lakota and nearby Center Lake were as much home as the house in North Rapid that I grew up in. Lakota Lake was where stories involving my good fr...   

    • Soup Sandwich

      I keep track of my fishing days. My wife calls it “being all geeky”. She’s probably right but I do it anyway. I keep track of the date, what the water/ice was like, the temp, the pressure if I have it, what I caught and where, who I went with, and anything notable. It’s one part for posterity and one part for getting back on fish at a later date. Geeky is probably a fair...   

    • The Fever

      I'm thinking of doing a public service announcement. It would go a little like this: "Hi there. Do you or someone you love have Ice Fishing Fever? Ice Fishing Fever is characterized by the feeling of needing to drill holes in a frozen lake and fish through them for hours or even days on end. Symptoms include lack of focus, pacing, habitual watching of The Weather Channel, a...   

    • When It's Really Important

      When It’s Really Important Wisconsin based cartoonist and author Doug Larson once wrote “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles”. Fishing is always important. Always. Now, that’s not to say that its degree of importance isn’t a little more or less dependin...   

    • Good News for Black Hills Anglers

      Good News for Black Hills Anglers I, for one, could barely contain my excitement when I read a July Rapid City Journal article about the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Forest Service plan to drain, dredge, and improve three of my favorite Black Hills Lakes. The story outlines a plan to remove sediment and improve fishing access ...   

    • The Connection

      This particular edition of Black Hills Bites isn’t as much about fishing as it is about a connection. It’s about a set of circumstances that bring things full circle. It’s also about a life taken way too soon. I love to catch trout. Some people don’t but I really do. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to go trout fishing. Kevin Woyjeck...   

    • Thanks Dad

      Like a lot of other addicts, I too have an enabler. Actually, I have several. But one in particular is more responsible than the others for contributing to the fact that I fish on approximately twenty-five percent of my days off. He’s my fishing enabler. Thanks Dad.  Standing in the drivew...   

    • Taken For Granted

      Taken For Granted   It seemed like an awfully sill question for an educated man to ask. “Will you take me fishing?” asked the voice on the other end of the phone. My good friend Dustin was coming home in a month and wanted me to take him ice fishing. “Hell yes I will take you ice fishing! So what’s the catch”? Dustin hadn’t been home in awhil...   

    • Not Just a Drum

      Don’t tell my six year-old the fish he had just caught was “just a Drum”. It was way more than that. It was bragging rights. It was his trophy. It was….a fish. Listen, usually I’m the guy that has to get drug in off of the water. Generally I have to be constantly reminded that it’s time to come in. I usually could fish from sun up to sun down, but not on this outing. Last Sat...   

    • Madness in March

      “Wait”, said the concerned voice of my 6 year old. “Why are you putting the ice fishing stuff in that box?” he asked. I was in shorts and flip-flops working from the tailgate of my truck. I was resistant, at first, to admit that ice-fishing season had come (sort of) and gone. The warm sun on my arms and legs had done enough to convince me though. I had come to the realization that I had...   

    • Just the Beginning

      I met the esteemed C.C. O’Harra from in the same place that most of the great twenty-first century minds hang out. Yup, you got it, on Twitter.  It was a chance encounter really. I use Twitter mostly to follow things that interest me and to get information about things I need to know. Oh, also, I use it to keep tabs on m...   


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