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    Profile: Kathy Cornelison

    Outdoor Cooking Fun

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      MORE SMORES! Who doesn’t look forward to the best part of the campfire; smores!  Is it possible to improve on the tried and true traditional recipe?  I don’t know about improving it, but there are some fun and delicious ways to experiment with some new additions or substitutions. One of my favorites is a variety that I call Black Forest Smores.  In addition to the squares o...   

    • What's Sizzling? PIZZA ON THE GRILL!

      PIZZA ON THE GRILL Making pizza on the grill is fun and a great way to involve your guests in creating the meal.  I have tried making pizza on the grill twice and had good luck both times although not using a pan makes it difficult to get the dough onto th...   

    • Oh My, Dutch Oven Caramel Apple Pie!

      I must admit when I first heard that it was possible to make a pie in a Dutch oven I was very skeptical.  Of course I had to try it for myself and found it is possible and it’s fun.  Judging by the results I would say it was a great success since the whole pie disappeared in one evening and there were only three people to eat it. I am one of those cooks who often do not use a recipe;...   

    • Dutch Oven Pumpkin Dessert

      DUTCH OVEN PUMPKIN DESSERT This is a crowd pleaser!  I have made this many times and it is always a hit and it’s very simple to make.  I have had this recipe for many years and I no longer remember where I found it, so canno...   

    • How Are Your Campfire Starting Skills?

      I don’t want to admit how many times over the years I have struggled with starting fires even under the best weather conditions.  Like the time I had eight little campers watching me try to start the fire knowing that the longer it took me the longer they had to wait for supper.  We had been paddling down river all day and ...   

    • Those Patrick Sisters!

      WHAT’S SIZZLING?  Those Patrick Sisters! Those Patrick Sisters are what’s sizzling.  They are the Dutch Oven Gurus of the Midwest and they are coming to Becoming An Outdoors Women Workshop in September.  This incr...   

    • What's Sizzling? Kabob Baskets!

      What’s Sizzling?  Kabob Baskets! My newest outdoor cooking toy; kabob baskets!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed until last week when I spied them in my favorite kitchen store.  Since I had family coming from out of town and knew I would be providing at least one meal, I thoug...   

    • What’s Sizzling? “Off the Grid” Summer Kitchen

      What’s Sizzling? “Off the Grid” Summer Kitchen I am fortunate to have a good friend who do...   

    • What's Sizzling? Bake Cake in an Orange!

      What’s Sizzling?  Baking Cake in an Orange! Yes, you can bake cake inside an orange.  I wouldn’t have believed it; if our Girl Scout leader had not shown us many years back how to do it.  I tried it again recently to refresh my memor...   

    • What's Sizzling? Corn on the cob!

      WHAT’S SIZZLING? Kathy Cornelison Corn on the cob! In the husk, out of the husk, in the foil, out of the foil, how many ways have you grilled your co...   

    • What's Sizzling? Bread on a Stick

      April 23, 2011 By Kathy Cornelison This is what I love.  I’m out in the woods, setting up camp with friends or family and I get that first unmistaka...   

    • What's Sizzling?

      Sunset was enveloping Canyon Lake Park, I was a brownie scout in second grade and it was my first outdoor cooking experience. It was an evening cookout with the troop and our families and we scouts were cooking the food over the crackling campfire under the watchful direction of our troop leader.  I can still remember the excitement, the smells of food cooking and the admiring looks from our p...   


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