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    Profile: Jimmy the Buzzard

    Always Gazing into his Crystal Ball....

    Recent Posts

    • The Showdown........

      The Winner Warriors and St. Thomas More Cavaliers will square off at ‘Not Harvey Naasz Field’ this Friday night in what should be a highly competitive mid-season battle between two 11B powers. Wayne Sullivan’s team has yet to be tested by anyone with much talent, and while the results are impressive we still don't ...   

    • 11AA Patriots at 11A Bison

      The Cystal Ball has no explination for this game? What gives? Maybe the Crystal Ball is not intersted in the 2nd place game of the Black Hills Conference? Douglas (2-1)Average Points Allowed: 19.3 Average Points Scored: 25.3 Hot Springs (1-1)Average Points Allowed: 21Average Points Scored: 21 This game goes down to ...   

    • Douglas has arrived?

      Rapid City Central travels to 'The Box' to take on the Patriots, formerly known as the Patsies. Coach Dan ‘Magic Man’ Maciejczak is turning the Patriots (2-0) into contenders and Friday they will host the Cobblers (0-2) who have been touted as contenders. Central has struggled early to find the win column playing a tough schedule, Sioux Falls Lincoln 19-55 and Pierre 14-28...   

    • Crystal Ball......Spartans/Cavaliers

      We start the season with a bang, a big bang! Saturday August 31st Speardog travels to the Evil Blue Empire for a chance at redemption on Dutton Field. This could be the regular season ‘game of the year’ for these two rivals trying to one up each other? Also, this game will probably be the conference champ...   

    • Coaching Vacancies Updates and The Latest Opening......RCC Boys Basketball

      My crystal ball keeps going from hazy to clear, and just this morning to a burning red. Not sure exactly what to make of it all so thought it best to review the various coaching openings as well as bust open perhaps the biggest opening yet this year: RC Stevens Raiders Football This one is still wide open. A new name since I last

    • Who Will Guide the Raider Nation?

      I end the sports season on a high note with my correct prediction of the Madison Bulldogs as the Class A boys basketball champions. Thank you, thank you very much. For those of you keeping score at home, that means I ended the basketball season with a correct prediction and en...   

    • Jimmy Goes Wild on the Boys State A Tournament

      So after getting his wings clipped during the regional finals, Jimmy was ready to hang up his crystal ball for another season.  The situation got rough and I started to panic, but then I saw a vision of a great multitude coming together and people from every city were coming to Jimmytown.  And I rejoiced as the State A Tournament was coming to West River giving Jimmy one last, best chance.  ...   

    • Crusaders to go to State A!! Is Jimmy Crazy?

      As is often the case, Jimmy was right on the money with last week’s pick.  So you’re probably asking yourself, who, who, who will Jimmy pick and anoint with his buzzardy goodness?  Well let’s go to the tale of the tape.  Spartans were always great for leaving tasty tidbits for my corvid ancestors but so were the Crusaders.  So that’s a tossup.  I suppose I could be all boring and n...   

    • Spearfish vs Tommie More: Michael Johnson Makes the Call

      Michael Johnson? The famous Olympic sprinter? No. Michael Jordan? No. Then who the heck is Michael Johnson and why is he making the call here? Michael Johnson is the forgettable singer who reached "stardom" in the late 1970s. So, what does Michael Johnson, the "singer"...   

    • Jimmy Predicts He Will Be Vindicated

      So Jimmy has been on a bender for a few days after his last pick.  As many have been pointing out, Jimmy missed that one by about as much as one can miss a pick (JtB: Red Cloud win 74-69; Reality STM wins 56-35).  I give the Sod Buzzard big props for being correct, but for you bandwagon jumpers who lacked the courage and moral fortitude to make a pick before the game, but had the gumption to ...   

    • It's the end of the world

      So Jimmy had an epiphany last week and went 3 for 3 by going long on Red Cloud.  This week the big game will be Tuesday February 5 at 4:30 PM.  St. Thomas More (13-1) head to Red Cloud to face the 12 win 2 loss Crusaders.  The Cavaliers have won 7 straight – and likely 9 by the time the big game rolls around; while Red Cloud has won 9 in a row and likely will have won 10 st...   

    • Birds of a Feather Flock Together

      Jimmy is claiming victory for last week’s pick – the game was indeed played; therefore my main preiction came true.  Sadly, my actual game prediction was 180 degrees off.  Evidently I grabbed the “opposite” crystal ball rather than the ball that is true.  To compensate, Jimmy’s going to pick a three-some of games.  Red Cloud played Monday, beating Cheyenne-Eagle Butte by 43 points...   

    • Jimmy Predicts The Game Will Be Played: Custer vs. Red Cloud

      I was dusting the snow off the ol’ crystal ball, yelling at it for not predicting Friday’s snow out (I guess Jimmy will have to call that an incorrect pick) and suddenly it looked like the dang ol’ History Channel with guys in armor with crosses on their shields.  Then, the ball filled with cats, like on Animal Planet; and then back to the guys in armor and then cats and – I realiz...   

    • Wildcats roam free on Fairmont Boulevard?

      Back when Jimmy was first breaking out of his shell, the Custer Wildcats dominated my Corvid cousins at St. Martin’s Academy.  Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; Doug Hermann bench pressed the entire Raven starting 5.  But quoth the Ravens nevermore and eventually St. Thomas More was born with the vow to nevermore be

    • Jimmy Sees Cerulean Cavs This Time

      So our Jimmy ended the year on a downer, what with picking the wrong Cavalier hue and all.  But as it’s that time of year, Jimmy the B wants to make a few resolutions for you, his loyal, dedicated reading audience.  1.  Much as one should never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line, one shouldn’t ...   

    • The Crystal Ball Shows Green

      What a way to start the season!  First, I correctly called the Red Cloud vs Spearfish boys hoops game. No big deal, right? My next round of predictions came at the expense of the non-White River LNI teams as I correctly predicted that the Tigers would prevail for the LNI championship. No big deal, right?  Well, yes and no.

    • Jimmy Makes Four Predictions for the Price of One

      I got off to a fast start last week by correctly predicting that the Spearfish Spartans would beat the Red Cloud Crusaders. The margin of victory was only eight points, not the 20 points I predicted. It seems my predicted margin of victory might have been used by 'Saders Coach Christian McGhee to motivate his team? Listen to the interview wth Coach McGhee prior to tip-off: ...   

    • Red Cloud vs Spearfish: crystal ball is very clear on this one

      There is no sense gloating over my end-of-season success in football.  Let the 46% who voted for my demise during the early part of the football season should be ashamed of yourselves. As I look into my crystal ball to start the hoops season there is one game that beams brightly…….Red Cloud vs Spearfish. Last season the Spartans traveled to Red Cloud and lost 58-53 to the Cru...   

    • One Guaranteed West River Victory and Two Predicted

      Just like Broadway Joe Namath did in Super Bowl III I will guarantee a west river victory in the Dome this year. I will stop just short of guaranteeing two Dome wins, but I will predict two. How is that for being wishy washy? 9B Championship: Colome Cowboys vs Harding County Ranchers This one is kind of like asking a father to pick his favorite between his two ado...   

    • Jimmy Speaks: West River Goes 3-2...........will Kristi travel to Buffalo to watch the beat down?

      Perhaps I should have retired for the season after going 10-0 with my picks last week?  Who besides me had the vision to pick the Spartans with a one point victory?  Strike up  the band!  "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em…" I am not ready ...   

    • Travel Advisory: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid and Gasoline is $3.40 a Gallon

      Warning: Cavalier fans and children under the age of 8, you should consider stopping here, as your feelings might get hurt. I will start with the much ballyhooed west river quarterfinal game this week: STM vs Flandreau STM vs FLANDREAU This is the time the Cavalier fans wait for, another trip east river to face another grind it out, option-...   

    • Round One Playoff Predictions…

      Rapid City Central pulls what many will call an upset. Brookings on the other hand is saying ‘let’s be done….. We don’t want to play Washington’.Central 32Brookings 23Douglas has improved and performed much better than what most thought including myself. Their season ends but you have to give M...   

    • Rapid City Wind Bowl 2012

      This week’s prediction can be none other than the Raider/Cobbler end of the year annual rivalry. The Cobblers (3-5) will be looking to get closer to .500 as they try to hold off the struggling Raiders (0-8) in a game that won’t garner much fan interest. Game time winds at C.C. O’Harra Stadium are expected to be in excess...   

    • Rivalry Week….Bennett County Looks to Repeat 2008 Upset of More

      In 2008 Bennett County stunned the undefeated Cavaliers and handed them a sobering defeat in inclement conditions at Dutton Field in Rapid City. The forecast on Friday night in Martin is calling for snow and temperatures below the freezing point. Does Bennett County have a chance to pull anothe...   

    • Crystal Ball Predicts East vs West

      Game of the Week has Spearfish traveling to Harrisburg for a clash between #3 and #6 in the latest sports writers poll. The #3 Tigers (4-1) and #6 Spartans (4-1) both have one early loss.

    • Jimmy Tackles 11A Game of the Week; Record 10-8

      The ‘Game of the Week’ has Hot Springs (3-1) traveling to Spearfish (3-1) for the 11A West River Championship. Team Harkless takes on Team Rotert. The Bison are coming in to this contest after knocking off perennial power St. Thomas More in overtime last week. Meanwhile the Spartans...   

    • Saders Win....Saders Win.....Saders Win...

      Red Cloud picks up their first win and Jimmy runs the table. No write-up this week. My record is 3-4 so I decided to pick all of the West River 11 man games. It’s time to put-up or shut-up. Game of the week pits two 11B Region 4 opponents Red Cloud (0-2) at St. Francis (0-3). One of these two puts up a straight num...   

    • Jimmy Lives Another Day; Poll 55 Percent in Favor

      This week's prediction is dedicated to the 55% of you who supported me in the poll.  The other 45% of you should know better than to bet against me. Fools. Unacceptable is the word when I post my record of 1-2. What happened to the crystal ball that is supposed to be incredibly accurate? The crystal ball

    • Jimmy Under Fire.....Cavs/Warriors

      The crystal ball apparently was a little dusty heading into the first week of predictions. Jimmy has a running record of 1-1 picking Douglas over Lead/Deadwood for the Patriots first win in two years. Congratulations Coach Magic and the Patriot players. Jimmy missed the

    • Douglas vs. Lead/Deadwood......First out of the Crystal Ball

      Limited data on these teams but the crystal ball is expecting a new beginning for one of these programs. The first victory in over two years for the Douglas Patriots or starting the season undefeated for the Gold Diggers? Let’s take a glance at the opening of the 2012 pigskin season.Game to watch: 11B Lead Deadwood at 11AA Douglas

    • Crystal Ball Gives Bonus Pick......Spartans/Cavaliers

      How could the crystal ball pass up the BIG game with the Suburbans/Sequoias traveling north on I90 to play the Expeditions/Tahoes. This match-up will feature a parking lot jam packed with fancy SUV’s. 

    • Wednesday 2:37 p.m.: The Crystal Ball Says Derris Buus!

      The crystal ball is clear now! Join me in welcoming the next Raiders head coach:  Derris Buus Congratulations Coach Buus! Let us all welcome Coach Buus to the position with the following song:

    • A New Candidate Makes the List for Raiders Hoops Vacancy

      The crystal ball has eliminated more potential candidates but a new applicant brings interest to the biggest hire for young AD Jared Vasquez. Thursday morning the crystal ball is going to announce the new Stevens head coach. In the mean time take a look at the final three standing in the Raider coaching sweepstakes. Applicant A:  Blake Gardner Another on...   

    • Stevens Candidate List Narrows; Jimmy Has Inside Source

      I have been looking inside my crystal ball and it is becoming a little more clear as to who Stevens AD Jared Vasquez will hire for the Boys Basketball position. I announced 10 candidates on Sunday but today only 7 are still in contention for the job. Below is a current list of candidates my crystal ball is projecting. The list will be narrowed down to 1 candidate by Wednesday night for the o...   

    • Jimmy Reveals the Top Raider Candidates

      T. J. Hay steps down and leaves behind the first major hire for Jared Vasquez, Athletic Director for Stevens High School.  Wrestling fans will argue that replacing Coach Moser was a major hire, but we all know better. This is a critical job position to be filled at a seemingly late and peculiar time for a basketball hiring. It wasn’t until late May or early June before this extremely importa...   

    • I AM BAAAACK!!!!!

      I have decided to start out way slow this year.  But a couple of items caught my eye today.  Eldon Marshall and White River.  Eldon is not ony a great coach, but is also a great man.  Good luck to White River and I will call you favorites in every game this year.  LNI championship and State Championship. The glaring headline in today's RCJ that has me thinking...Central/Stevens look...   

    • Jimmy vs. Nate Brown; Semi Final Picks

      Jimmy vs. Nate Brown This week Jimmy the Buzzard will go head to head with the famous talk show host Nate Brown. Brown predicted all the outcomes of this week’s playoff semi finals. You can listen to Nate Brown make his picks here.

    • Big Upset? Jimmy Predicts

      This week’s big game has a very controversial pick. The Crystal Ball is sending out a different outcome than what my brain is predicting. You may want to go with the Crystal Ball? But the Crystal was way off last week as the Cobblers failed to show up in Brookings. The ‘Game of the Week’ has Custer traveling to St. Thomas More for a second round playoff game. These teams played ear...   

    • Central at Brookings; Jimmy Predicts

        It’s a new season folks. The High School Football Playoffs are here. The road to the Dome starts on Tuesday night. Let’s hope we can get a couple west river teams on the carpet. It’s a great time of year if you are a football fan. This week’s top game pits Rapid City Central Cobblers (9th seed) against the Brookings Bobcats (8th seed). The Cobblers...   

    • Rapid City Stevens vs. Rapid City Central; Jimmy Predicts

      Cobblers vs. Raiders is the only choice for ‘Game of the Week’. Cheerleader race, Tuba race, and much more will be on tap for the final game of the year for these two rivals. Beyond the festivities, its power points and seeding implications for next week’s playoffs. Good luck to both teams!

    • Huge 'Game of the Week'; Both Winless, Jimmy Predicts

      It’s no surprise that this week’s top game involves two teams trying to avoid a winless season. This is the biggest game for Sturgis and Douglas as they each try to get what many consider their only chance for a ‘W’? One team playing in the GDC for the last time and hoping to be in the BHC next season, while the other team is currently winless in the BHC. Who will get off their schnide?...   

    • Black Hills Conference Championship; Jimmy Predicts STM/Custer

      Custer shattered the Crystal ball last week with a big win over Belle Fourche. Or did the Broncs shatter the crystal ball with a huge disappointing defeat at home to a Custer team that hasn’t won at Belle Fourche in the last 49 years?  The ‘Game of the Week’ lands us back in the Black Hills Conference. Thursday night will be the BHC Championship with #4 Thomas More (3-1) trav...   

    • Custer (4-0) at Belle Fourche (3-0); Jimmy Predicts

      The crystal ball has reflected a fantastic Black Hill Conference battle with 11B Custer (4-0) traveling to 11A Belle Fourche (3-0). This is the ‘Game of the Week’ without doubt.

    • Hill City at Custer, Hot Springs at St. Thomas More; Jimmy Predicts

      Tonight is the big rivalry in the heart of the hills. The Hill City Rangers travel 15 minutes down the road to play a very solid Custer Wildcat squad. Two teams looking to improve this season and at this point both programs are getting better. I’m late getting this prediction out because my crystal ball kept showing Spearfish 44 and Douglas 12. I don’t want to predict Spearfish anymo...   

    • New Underwood at Wall, RC Stevens at Spearfish; Jimmy Predicts......

      This week’s crystal ball leads us down I-90 for a match-up between the Wall Eagles and New Underwood Tigers. The Tigers will travel 35 miles for a rematch and chance to get back at the Eagles for last year’s beat down in the Prospector Bowl played in Deadwood. Wall trounced the young and inexperienced New Underwood squad, 44-14. It was 30 to 0 at intermission after Wall successfully score...   

    • Jimmy the Buzzard Predicts Thomas More vs Winner, Spearfish vs RCC

      The win/loss outcome was correct coming from my crystal ball in last week’s matchup between STM and Spearfish. The score, however, was off a bit. I predicted STM winning 28-14. As most of you know, it finished 25-20 in favor of the Cavaliers. I was not at the game but heard/read about it. Sounded like a dandy. This week’s ‘Game of the Week’ coming from my crystal ball reflects a ...   

    • The Crystal Ball is Clear: Jimmy the Buzzard Predicts Spearfish vs STM

      The 2011 South Dakota High School football season has finally arrived. These cool crisp nights bring out the fans to hear the sound of pads cracking and whistles blowing. It's the best time of year no doubt. Just like last year, I will be predicting the outcome of what I call the 'game of the week'. Also, I might throw in a couple extra games for fun. My crystal ball is very accurate but...   


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