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    • WEEK 7

      PHILIP (3-3) @ WALL (6-0) Its homecoming week in Wall as the Eagles face their rivals.  The Eagles are coming off a big win against Jones County-White River.  The turning point came after Wall downed a punt on the JC/WR 1 yard line. Wall forced a safety and regained the lead. Two more JC/WR interceptions led to Eagle touchdowns and Wall took the lead 37-8 into ...   

    • Week 6

      Maybe you have heard the cliché that sports are a metaphor for life.  The lessons that students learn through athletics include: teamwork, hard work, character, discipline, humility, and how to handle adversity; just to name a few.  In my own life, I can think back to coaches that impressed those values upon me and the times in my life that I have relied upon what I learned from sports. Anot...   


      Week 4 is when coaches start to pin point the strengths and areas of improvement for their team.  It is about the time the community starts to realize their squad has what it takes to be something special.  It is the midpoint.  It is a measuring stick and a snapshot of ‘where are we now.”  It is also important to understand that most coaches will tell you that they want to play their be...   


      WEEK 3 AND THE CASE FOR ATHLETICS Athletics are important!  The lessons that our student-athletes learn from teamwork, discipline, and hard work are shaping them to be leaders in the future.  First, sports programs benefit the school by increasing school spirit, school pride, and academic achievement (Taliaferro, 2010).  In regards to s...   

    • WEEK 2 & LABOR DAY

      Technically summer is not over until the fall equinox (September 22nd).  The start of school has been another line of demarcation in recent years defining the end summer and the beginning of fall.  Yet, to many in South Dakota, Labor Day weekend is viewed as the end of summer and the start of fall.  It is also my favorite time of year.  Hoodies, blue jeans, college/pro football, ...   


      Its that time of year again!  Despite the unseasonably chilly weather let’s not forget that it’s still August.  Just last week there were still rumblings of Harley Davidson’s in the Black Hills, student-athletes were finishing their last weeks of summer employment, and teachers were counting down the days until school started.   Last week’s 0 week (which was actually we...   

    • SOD'S SON

      “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!”  The meaning behind this saying is to identify characteristics and values that a father and son share.  Well, its obvious that sports were a common denominator in the Connot household and the “apple” Ben Connot clearly shares the love of sports that Bob instilled in him.

    • Football Update - West River All Classes

      I have not posted on this site for quite a while.  Like everyone on Earth, finding time is the hard part.  I have hid behind the excuse of being a principal, AD, a dad of 3, a coach, taking classes at USD, and the list goes on and on…..It was not until I was observing an English teacher earlier in the week while she was doing a lesson on blogging that really lit the fire again....   


      FAREWELL SOD! Like many, I fell in love with this website by reading the SOD BUZZARD’S blogs.  He was a wonderful writer with the flare for hyperbole, insightful game analysis, and humor.  I anxiously awaited every Thursday when he would make his posts.  I admit to clicking on the SDSPORTSB...   

    • CORY GINSBACH - The Jimmy V of South Dakota


    • 1st Day of Practice!

      You won't see me write very many blogs during basketball season as I am busy doing other things and I personally feel like it is a conflict of intrest.  Yet, I had this going through my head this morning.  In Hill City we are fortunate to have 2 full size gyms, one of which is almost like a small college gymnasium.  We spend the first week practicing twice a day.  The first ...   

    • Ranger Football Renaissance

      Seven years seems like a long time, but not an eternity for adults.  I am 30 and can remember vividly things from when I was 23.  “Remember When’s” are relevant to ones age.  When my 6 year old nephew Jackson asks me if I “remember when” it is quite different than when my 27 year old brother asks “remember when”.  For the Hill C...   

    • T-Buss: RC Stevens

      It should be a South Dakota holiday as the sea of Orange invades rural towns around South Dakota.  The economy is boosted, the sound of shotguns echo around the country side, and even the dogs seem to be happier during this time of year (except mine).  The third weekend in October is a sportsman’s Christmas as it is the opening weekend of the pheasant season.  I have often ...   

    • Shane Hansen - Roll Bison

           In my quest to prepare for basketball season I always spend some time reading motivational quotes and inspirational sayings that I can share with our athletes, post on our bulletin board, have them write in their notebooks, and give them as handouts.  Just this morning I came across a Nick Saban quote:  &nbs...   

    • Daniel Chapman - FIGHT OF THE CARDINALS

      FIGHT OF THE CARDINALS I made a rare appearance in the Rapid City Rushmore Mall to visit my old college roommate and close friend as he is now the general manager at MYPILLOWS in the mall.  I dodged the kiosk people on my way to the store.  My friend Cliff greeted me with ...   


      HEARTBEAT OF A WARRIOR   Last week I blogged about a purple and gold team (in the last few years I have jumped on their bandwagon.)  This week I am going to blog about a purple and gold team that runs in my blood.   This is a very hard blog for me to write because I want it to be just right.  I have known these kids since they were elementary students and I am very...   

    • RANCHER TRADITION - Ckyler Floyd

                       I started to drink the Harding County kool-aide a couple years ago when the Ranchers made the state title game in Vermillion.  I...   

    • Cody Trainor - The Athlete Oasis

      The Athlete Oasis Faith (pop 421) is a town located on HWY 212 known as the Oasis on the Praire because its the only thing for miles.   Many locals claim that Faith got its name because it takes Faith to survive on the prairie.  Often times in farming/ran...   

    • SUPERIOR Spartan - Brandon Kemp

        I love this time of year!  Football is on the horizon and school is approaching.  As I began working in my office, I got an email from the patriarch of the Buzzardship in regards to writing some more blogs this football season.  I rolled my eyes and deleted the email. As a middle school principal and middle school athletic director, August/Septemb...   


      SOUTH DAKOTA HEAT RUSHMORE 17U – Coach Jim Martin   Ben Connot Winner High School ...   

    • Hoops Truths 101

      Welcome to some HOOPS TRUTHS…I wrote the information below as a framework for things that all kids can improve upon.  Remember, I was writing this as we trekked back from Red Cloud after an opening round loss in the district.  I don’t consider myself a basketball expert by any means, but I have been proud to live my dream of coaching basketball and proud of my accomplishm...   


      THE GOOD:             Harding County senior Ryne Baier is back in school and feeling better.  Baier spent a couple weeks in the Mayo Clinic battling illness and missed the last couple of football games for the Harding County Ranchers football team.          &nb...   

    • Basketball Eulogy - NEAL SIEGER - CUSTER

      NEAL SIEGER: 1952-2011 As coaches and educators; we all hope when our time on Earth ends that we have left an imprint on the future.  We have influenced a younger generation for the better.  We hope that they will carry on our legacy; not necessarily by the stories the...   


      There is something very final about playing your last football game.  I think almost all of us can sympathize with the kids that played the final snap of their high school careers.  It ends so abruptly, so quickly.  One can plan for it, but when it happens the emptiness is indescribable.  I can still remember my final game in West Central, as one of the few times in my adult...   


      I stopped in Kadoka last weekend on my way back from the Pheasant Belt.  It was a sad trip back to the Hills as it marked the end to my favorite weekend of the year…The end of the opening of Pheasant season.  In an attempt to cheer myself up, I stopped at the Discount Fuel gas station to sample a quarter pound of gizzards.  Eating the world famous (ok maybe State famous) g...   

    • Have You Dug CHAVIS SHULL - WALL

      It was a beautiful autumn morning as I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to be a tourist for the day.  As she hesitantly agreed, she asked me where I wanted to go…WALL DRUG!  My plan was working perfectly; I had already prearranged to meet the WALL EAGLE football extraordinaire CHAVIS SHULL. We fought some traffic and I circled the main street parking lo...   

    • BATTLE OF BIG D- Derek Skillingstad - Hill City

      I have been accused of writing blogs that are too “Sappy”. They are too “Cheesy”.  In my defense,  I enjoy highlighting the great student-athletes that we have in our area.  Yet, to listen to my critics; today I will write a blog without an abundance of positive superlatives.  I am going to write about something that is “Stupid”, it is &ld...   

    • It is all about football (& a big bon fire) - HOMECOMING

      Many South Dakota schools have already hosted their homecoming weeks.  Homecoming has many different identities in various districts around the state.  Typically homecoming has coronation, dress up days, parades, carnivals, bonfires, pep rallies; but lets not forget the most important part of homecoming…The FOOTBALL GAME. Last week, while riding my 10 year reunion homeco...   

    • Cool, Calm, and CODY BENNE - RC STEVENS

      I sat in Buffalo Wild Wings in Rapid with some old college buddies nostalgically remembering our intramural days at BHSU.  I believe somewhere between the softball championship story or the 9 foot dunk league tale, I looked up to see a stocky kid walk in the back door.  I noticed him wearing a Rapid City Stevens hoodie as he socialized with everyone in the kitchen area.  I ask my...   

    • Fun With Chad Bryant - Custer

      Chad Bryant is a 6’2, 170 pound wide receiver for the 3-0 Custer Wildcats.  He has 4 receiving touchdowns and over 200 yards recieving on the season.  He is a very skilled football player but we have become acquaintances because he played on the South Dakota Heat AAU basketball...   

    • REMEMBER 9-11

      “A great people has been moved to defend a great nation. Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of Ameri...   

    • The Legend of Ryne Baier - Harding County

      I traveled north dodging antelope and deer on my way to take in some Harding County Labor day festivities.  While eating a cheeseburger at the #3, a local yells at me, “We need another golfer for the Buffalo Labor Day golf tournament.”  Luckily I had my clubs, asked my girlfriend if I could go, and then took off.  As we drove to the golf course the driver said, “It’s an old cow pastu...   

    • Warrior Pride - Nathan Naasz

      The No. 3-ranked Winner Warriors dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball Friday night at Leahy Field. The Class 11B squad got two fourth-down touchdown runs from quarterback Nathan Naasz in a physical 12-0 win that left no debate regarding the superior team. – Rapid City Journal; September 2nd, 2011


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