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    Profile: John Wayne Jordan

    Covering West River Boys Hoops

    Recent Posts

    • LMC All Conference Selections

                                                      1st Team All Conference  &nb...   

    • LMC All Conference Selections

                      1st Team All Conference               Katie Sackmann      12           Lemmon Tia Baumberger      12 ...   

    • Forever Young

      Youth Movement: As a basketball fan I feel that small town basketball is sports in its purest form.  It has less talent than watching all the tall kids from the Rapid City schools.

    • This Ain't No Bull!!!!! JWJ Basketball Index

        Well the State Polls are out and again it seems like the West River teams are getting pushed aside. 

    • LMC Report

      Boys Preview: Harding County:...   

    • 2014 LMC Preview Girls Edition


    • Dakota Dome Dreams

      I ventured north to the Prairie Oasis for the LMC Kickoff between The Rancher and The Longhorns, on August 29th.  The whole time I was still shaking my head at the fact these two LMC BIG DOGS have to play the 1

    • LMC Preview 2014

      I decided to do things a little different this year, I sent out a few polling questions to the coaches of every LMC team.  Although I only got 3 responses out of 6 teams, I think the teams that responded will help give us an idea on how the Little Mo...   

    • Ice Bucket for Challenge for ALS, LMC Preview Request


    • Class B Basketball teams looking for Greener Pasture

      People with animals know, sheep, cows, ponies or goats, they always climb over, crawl under, or go through any fence to get to what is on the other side.  They think the grass for some reason looks greener. When they started adding classes to South Dakota High School Football, we have heard how teams can peti...   

    • Longhorns by the Numbers

      The SportsTalk experts have spoken, and all but a few are picking the Faith Longhorns to finish in 7th or 8th place at this year’s State B Tournament. I don’t blame them that much. I know they haven’t seen the Longhorns play, they don’t know how good some of these NO-Name players might be. Much as I did for the Cowgirls I will give you a few facts you need to know about the Longh...   

    • LMC's Best

      Let’s clear a few things up; I have been receiving emails, tweets and comments that I’m not covering the LMC enough.  Last year I was getting the same type of stuff saying I was covering it too much.  After Dan Genzler started writing on this site I figured that he was a much more respected sports authority than my old tired rear.  He has done a wonderful job covering High School Hoops b...   

    • Cowgirls by the Numbers

      Lemmon sits a long ways from anywhere.  When driving North on 73 it’s hard to believe you are not already in North Dakota by the time you see the lights of town.  That doesn’t matter this week though.  The Home Town Basketball Team is headed to the State B Girls Tournament in Huron this and a caravan of Blue & White will follow.

    • The REAL ALL-LMC Team!!!

      I always look at the All-Conference selections throughout the state and realize that they are entirely too politically correct.  There seems to be so much focus on getting every team involved, leaving out much better players on winning teams.  Who cares if a team gets 4 or 5 mentions if that team dominated the conference and conference tournament?&n...   

    • Lots of Rising Stars in LMC

      After taking in a couple days of LMC Basketball this weekend one thing I’m impressed with is the talent that is coming up through the ranks of the Conference.  Faith, Harding County and McIntosh all have 12 wins and the stars of these teams are Juniors and below.  I caught a couple games early in the season and one thing about youth, it...   

    • Things Shaping up for LMC Girls:

      After a long weekend between Bison & Lemmon the one thing I know about this year’s Little Moreau Conference is that the teams are very even.  Over the course of the tournament, Faith beat a Harding County team that they had lost to earlier in the year.  McIntosh got revenge over the Longhorns who they had lost to earlier....   

    • No Runaway in Ladies LMC Race:

      As we finish the first month of the season one thing is for certain; nothing is for certain.  Teams like Bison and Harding County have only played 2 games due to weather.  While four of the other teams already have 4 wins.  There are no undefeated teams to this point with Faith falling to a new team in the Region McLaughlin who came down ...   

    • Top Heavy LMC about to Topple

      What a December we had.  It has been so cold I feel like I am writing this from Anchorage instead of Western South Dakota.  There have been so many weather cancelations that some teams have 7 games in the books while others only have 2 or 3.  One thing is for certain, the LMC in Football or Basketball, Faith & Harding County are always in...   

    • The Boys Preview: LMC

      Bison:  The Cardinals had an up and down season last year, mostly down.  They look to hover towards the bottom of the conference again this year.  Seniors Michael Kopren and Tyler Plaggemeyer are going to try and change the fate of the boys in RED....   

    • LMC Ladies Preview 2013-2014

      Wow, another season is here already and when you look at these rosters you see a ton of changes, gone are major stars from the past 4 seasons.  When you look back at the last 4 years in the LMC you had some really competitive teams on a State Level in Newell with Taylor T. and Faith with Tearnee Nelson.  Don’t forget about Haley Froelich...   

    • Head or Heart when picking the Harding County Game??

      I’m trying to be as objective as possible here, I will be the first to admit that I didn’t see this coming after game 1 of the Football season.  I thought the Ranchers would be a bottom tier playoff team at best.  How wrong I was.  Harding County knows how the game is played.  After losing multiple All-State players fro...   

    • Only Two LMC Teams Left

      After the smoke (fog really) cleared on Tuesday night there are only 2 LMC teams left in the Football playoffs.     Lemmon/McIntosh took it to the Philip Scotties w...   

    • LMC Playoff Edition

      Well it's that time of year again.  South Dakota Football Playoffs, and surprisingly the LMC had 4 of their 6 teams represented.  2 in 9A and 2 in 9B.  Here is the way it should work out.  Newell @ New Underwood:  The Irrigators set the world of fire starting out 4-0 only to go on a losing streak just as impressive. ...   

    • Playoff Picture taking shape in LMC:

      With teams having 2 or less games remaining the Playoff picture is starting to take shape and don’t look now but the LMC should have 4 of its 6 teams represented in the post season.  In 9A Newell & Lemmon/McIntosh should both be playing.  ...   

    • Mid Season in LMC and Happy Birthday to a Coach

      Well here we are and here is where we stand after everyone in the LMC has played 4 games.  1.      

    • Sleepy Week in the LMC

      With 2 of the Little Moreau's top team on a bye week, and some very lopsided matchups (at least on paper) looming for this week, there isn't much to write about in the Great Northwest.  2 things that are worth mentioning, Bison who hadn't scored a point all year got a WIN! They exploded on offense to score 28 points and beat the 9AA Midgets from McLaughlin/Wakpala.  Nothing gets a com...   

    • LMC Report 9/16/2013

      Last week’s Game of the Week didn’t disappoint.  Although I wasn’t in attendance and didn’t find the radio coverage until the 4th quarter, the 1st

    • 3rd Week in the Books for LMC teams

      Last week’s Game of the week turned out to be a flop.  I really thought that Timber Lake would show some life against Lemmon/McIntosh, but the duo of Peterson & Oliver were too much to handle.  I didn’t get the exact stats but 400yds rus...   

    • LMC Report Week 2 (or is it Week 1?)

      Let’s go back to Buffalo for a minute, where the Longhorns broke a 27 year drought by beating the Ranchers on their field in their sport.  Faith was by far the better team on this night.  The Ranchers took the lead in the 2nd half on ...   

    • Week 0 in the LMC, Race might end before it begins

      It’s that time of year again LMC fans, I am writing my first article since the April Fools story on “The Fall of the LMC” that causes such an uproar.  I tell you there are so many people out there without a since of humor I was in hiding all summer.  Thanks to the level headed ones on Sportsbuzz...   

    • Class B Monster Player of the YEAR!

      Class B Monster Player of the Year: When asked to do this I thought about how hard it would be to decide what ONE player was deserving of MPOY.  I mean what an honor, to be ...   

    • Death of the Little Moreau Conference??

      With new district alignments out and Class B getting bigger it was inevitable that there would be some shake up in the conference alignments as well.  I have to say I never saw this one coming.  McLaughlin & Stanley County dropping down to Class B opened up discussion about the future of the BDC (Big Dakota Co...   

    • The LMC won't be the same:

      Over the course of this season it was evident that the 3 teams picked to be on top of the Little Moreau Conference would not disappoint.  Dupree ended the regular season 19-1; they were undefeated in the LMC regular season and won the LMC Tournament.&n...   

    • Little Moreau Posse

      With a name like John Wayne, you have to know I’m a fan of Westerns.  All good western movies have a common theme, a good guy, a bad guy, and a chase of some sort.  The really old ones would almost always “Round up a Posse” where they would grab some of the best hands in town and go after the renegad...   

    • Changing the way we Think: Time to change the Playoffs

      So here we are Summit & Warner the 2 best teams in Class B Girls Basketball and will more than likely meet in Regions however, only one will make the State Tournament.  I’ve read posts about changing the way we do things to get the best teams to the state tournament.  I’ve come up with plans for all 3 classes that I think...   

    • LMC Tournament Placing’s and Saturday Observations

      1.       Dupree – Won LMC Tournament without one of the Widow Brothers, had runs made at them by Timber Lake & Faith, and were held to their 2 lowest point totals of the season, but in the end the Senior laden team does what it is supposed to ...   

    • Lemmon getting some respect.

      I really don't have much here, I just saw the polls this morning and for the first time all year Haley Froelich and the Cowgirls from Lemmon are getting some votes.  I don't believe much in these polls, because many of the voters don't get a chance to see every team play and they just go by records, and newspaper accounts.  I do think the hard work by these girls deserves to be recognized.  ...   

    • LMC Power Poll, Plus a Prediction

      Power Rankings: 1.       Dupree 9-1:

    • Battle of Unbeaten Teams falls flat: Plus LMC Power Rankings

      The Faith gym wasn’t as packed as it would have been if the boys weren’t playing an away game the same night, but there was still plenty of people and plenty of excitement in the air to watch Lemmon 9-0 vs. Faith 8-0.  There was plenty of STAR POWE...   

    • The Battle in Buffalo: Longhorns vs. Ranchers, Round 1

      It was a fairly nice day, not the kind you would expect for January in North West South Dakota, but everybody knew a storm was brewing.  A sea of Orange invaded the little town of Buffalo for a Girls & Boys Basketball Double Header.  The Lady Ranchers have struggled this year but put up one heck of a fight and had the lead af...   

    • LMC at Christmas Break: Just the contenders

      Christmas Break is here, we survived the Apocalypse time to get Fat, or Fatter in my case (to many Walking Tacos).  I’ve made a few games but they haven’t told me much.  The one thing I can tell you is this; there are 3 teams in the LMC right now.  The teams are Dupree, Harding County, and Faith.  The rest of the Confer...   

    • LMC Power Rankings After a Few Games

      Maybe it’s too early for this, the season has just started and there haven’t been many world class matchups yet.  I was thinking someone should recognize Timber Lake for their great start and Faith for jumping out to 4-0.  They play each other this Tuesday, and what better way to promote the matchup than to put them next ...   

    • Union CENTER South Dakota

        So the other day...   

    • Lady's of the LMC 2012-2013

      Last year ended with a surprise from the LMC, the Lady Longhorns from Faith flew under the radar of their Undefeated Boys team and did what the Boys couldn’t do.  They made the State Tournament in Huron.  Everyone expected the team from Region 8B to be playing in the Loser...   

    • LMC 2012-2013 Preview

      Hello fans of the Little Moreau, JW Jordan here.  I plan to take over for Westriverball hoping I can do him justice.  I will focus mainly on Basketball and Football, but will dabble in Girls Basketball and Volleyball as well.  This will be my first article on the conference, my Boys Basketball preview.


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