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    Jason McGough (ND/SD Little League Dist. Administrator)

    15:56 Vinnie Iyer (NFL Writer/Sporting News)37:18 Jason McGough (ND/SD Little League Dist. Administrator)56:35 Chris Denker (Pro Scout/NetScoutsBasketball)1:17:00 Terrell Owens (NFL Hall of Fame WR)

    Jason Herz (Golden Spikes Baseball Academy), Todd Lee (USD Coyotes Men's Basketball Head Coach)

    38:06 Jason Herz (Golden Spikes Baseball Academy)56:52 Kevin McKinney (Sr. Assoc AD/Wyoming Cowboy Radio Network)1:22:28 Todd Lee (USD Coyotes Men's Basketball Head Coach)    

    Padraic Duffy (KEVN-Black Hills Fox TV), Jeremy Hoeck (USD Beat/Yankton Press & Dakotan)

    22:17 Padraic Duffy (KEVN-Black Hills Fox TV)37:00 Jeremy Hoeck (USD Beat/Yankton Press & Dakotan)51:32 Doug Ottewill (Broncos Writer/Mile High Sports)1:22:00 AJ Neuharth-Keusch (USA Today NBA Writer)    

    John Krogstrand (SDHSAA Asst. Exec. Director), Jay Wammen (Harding County Head Football Coach)

    18:48 Sam Monson (NFL Analyst/Pro Football Focus)35:38 John Krogstrand (SDHSAA Asst. Exec. Director)56:55 Dennis Chambers (NBA Writer/Basketball Insiders)1:27:51 Jay Wammen (Harding County Head Football Coach)

    Mitch Messer (Expedition League), Bryan Miller (Exec. Director/Sioux Falls Sports Authority)

    17:13 Ricky O'Donnell (College Basketball Editor/SBNation) 34:34 Mitch Messer (VP Baseball Operations/Expedition League) 52:11 Anthony Broome (Editor/ 1:25:22 Bryan Miller (Exec. Director/Sioux Falls Sports Authority)    

    Jay Elsen (Midco Sports Network), Tom Osborne (Nebraska Head Coach/Congressman)

    22:00 Jay Elsen (Midco Sports Network/USD Play by Play) 40:13 Gabe Lacques (USA Today MLB Editor) 55:02 Ryan Ballengee ( 1:18:17 Tom Osborne (Nebraska Head Coach/AD/Congressman)    

    Jason Young (Red Rock), Kailleb Walton-Blanden (RCC BBB), Steve Allender (Mayor Rapid City)

    18:05 Jason Young (Golf Pro/The Golf Club at Red Rock) 34:44 Kailleb Walton-Blanden (RC Central Guard/All-State) 48:31 Mark Giannotto (Memphis Tigers Writer/Commercial Appeal) 1:15:35 Steve Allender (Mayor of Rapid City)    

    Brian Haechen (High School Bball/Argus Leader)

    25:04 Doug Ottewill (Rockies Baseball/Mile High Sports)40:54 Brandon Warne (Twins Baseball/Zone Coverage)55:16 Brian Haechen (High School Bball/Argus Leader)1:26:48 DeMoine Adams (Fmr. Husker Def. End/TeamMates Mentoring)

    Darren Paulson (RCC AD), Dick Novak (Rushmore Thunder Hockey)

    21:52 Darren Paulson (RC Central Activities Director)42:51 Dennis Chambers (NBA Writer/ Dick Novak (Rushmore Thunder Hockey Head Coach)1:40:12 Gabe Lacques (USA Today MLB Editor)    

    Andrew Baker ( SD Bball Writer) Jeremy Hoeck (USD/Yankton Press & Dakotan)

    20:19 Chris Denker (Pro Scout/NetScoutsBasketball)40:21 Danny Battochio (Fmr. Rapid City Rush Goalie)56:31 Andrew Baker ( SD Bball Writer)1:21:50 Jeremy Hoeck (USD Beat Writer/Yankton Press & Dakotan)    


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