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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 3-2-17

    Contributing to the poll this week are Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and yours truly. The pith presented here will lead us into the Sweet 16.

    1. Sioux Valley (30 pts)
    2. TIE  Sioux Falls Christian, Vermillion, Madison (23 pts)
    5. St. Thomas More (16 pts)
    6. Chamberlain (13 pts)
    7. Clark Willow Lake (11 pts)
    8. Tri Valley (7 pts)
    9. MVP (6 pts)
    10 Dell Rapids (3 pts)
    11. Flandreau (2 pts)
    12. Little Wound (1 pt)

    Honorable Mention: Tea Area, Red Cloud, Aberdeen Roncalli, Belle Fourche, Groton, Stanley County, Winner, Pine Ridge, Dakota Valley, Crow Creek, Miller, Sisseton 

    Class A has been dominated by the three ball all season.  Top scorer may be Flandreau's LeBrun, while two teams, Vermillion (Plitzuweit and Williams) and Sioux Valley (Vincent and Olson), each have the luxury of a pair of 20 ppg. aces.  Friesz, Unruh, Satter, and Reede can also carry their teams, while in the paint, STM with Kortemeyer and Madison with Feigen get the most production. Defensive edge goes to Chamberlain with Knippling and the Priebe brothers, as well as Madison with stoppers Leighton, Vandenbosch, and the Janke boys. Teams under the radar with a lot of wins are MVP, CWL, Sisseton, and TV, whose Mustangs are the only team to run the table on region 3. It's anybody's guess who will win it all. STM is always a tough out. If the three balls are falling SV will win, but on tired legs the edge goes to Madison or SFC, who rely more on their inside and full court games.  

    The Rodney Dangerfield’s of Class A. Show the Redmen some respect!

    Idle Cossack troops enjoy two weeks of shore leave and R&R while ascending to the throne after Christian lays an egg in Colton.

    Overall number one seeded Russian troops now have fresh horses and home field advantage to cut through the opposition to make it to the title game. 

    The only team to hold Sioux Valley under 60 was Madison. Neither Deuel nor Redfield Doland will accomplish that feat as the Cossacks will move on to the Sweet 16.

    Coach Vincent will fire up the Volgas and head south to Sioux Falls after winning their next two games.

    General Vincent is making plans for the southern assault on Sioux Falls after a winter of hunkering down with his Cossack army near Brookings.

    Chargers short circuit while the Hot Rod Lincoln is outrun by some late model Mustangs in Colton. 

    The Chargers will likely play the Quarriers to get into the Sweet 16 .... advantage SFC.

    The DJ will be spinning "We Are The Champions" by Queen to prep the defending Class A champs from Sioux Falls in their quest to repeat.

    Cubbies may not be up there with the Cossacks or the Big 3 from region 3, but look to be the best of the rest.

    The Cubs will be sampling the German Chocolate variety on their cake walk to the Sweet 16.

    Seth Friesz will heat up the Chamberlain drive in their Dodge (Knippling) to Sioux Falls.
    There isn't a team west of Chamberlain who can beat St Thomas More.

    Titans quietly amass the third best record in Class A, with a list of opponents not over intimidating, but they did beat both Dell Rapids and Tri-Valley. 

    I don't know how you score 98 points in a high school game and still lose by 5 .... but MVP performed that oddity against Little Wound.

    MVP can punch their ticket to the Sweet 16 with a win over the Parkston - West Central winner .... consider it punched.

    Region 3 is so tough?  Says who?  Mustangs run the table on the big three from region 3 after Coach Grady uses a unique defensive scheme to confuse the Chargers, while Steineke and Jewitt put enough points on the board to pull the upset of the week.

    After Quarriers go 3-4 to finish the season, Seimonsma, Heim, and the stone Masons are getting their mining cart back on the tracks for a post season run.

    Dell Rapids and Flandreau look like the odd teams out in the brutal Region 3 play down for the Sweet 16.

    The Quarriers hit rock bottom on February 10th with their fourth loss in a row but have dug themselves out of that hole to finish on a three game win streak. Will it be enough to make the Sweet 16?

    With five losses this season, the high mileage Cavaliers are looking at a middle seed at best.  Odds are long that this team can make it to the finals, realistically Rapid City fans should hope just to survive the sweet sixteen and enjoy the sunshine bracket if they get there.

    The seniors on the Blue Cavaliers will enjoy one last road trip to Sioux Falls to close out a really good season.

    What happened to the ‘Saders? Can they rebound and make the round of 16? 

    Cyclones attempting one last path of destruction to Sioux Falls before taking their future talents through Langford and Warner to make Aberdeen their new spring home. 

    Storm chasers in NE South Dakota have spotted Cyclones doing their typical February damage and the prediction is for a trail of destruction into the Sweet 16 and then south to Sioux Falls in March.

    Coach Nesheim has nurtured a team of fuzzy cheeked youngsters with only one senior on the roster and a stud sophomore: Jacob Prouty.

    After a stellar individual season, sharpshooter Gus Reede is currently icing his overworked left elbow, which the Cavaliers will need to be in perfect working order to survive what could be a rough sweet 16 draw. 

    Bulldogs finish season with better results against Panthers and another pack of Bulldogs than they did against the last flock of birds to visit their doghouse, and are glad to have the week off to lick their wounds. 

    The Madison vet clininc has performed heroic feats in nursing the bird attacked Bulldogs back to full strength as they ready for post season play.

    Three Jankes plus a Leighton and one Fiegen will equal greater than Madison needs to reach the Sweet 16.

    Chieftain need to return to mid-season form if they hope to see the post season.

    Plitzuweit and Williams continue to impress as the hottest guard combo in the field, the next week will tell if these birds stay migrating to Sioux Falls or get grounded for nesting season.

    The Tanagers will face a tough challenge if they have to play Dakota Valley to get to the Sweet 16 .... will the Panthers wake up in post season or was their sub-500 record an accurate reflection of how good they really are?

    The Tanagers are exercising their wings with the expectation that their outstanding guards will propel them to the Premier Center.

    Can the Valley boys upset the Tanagers? My money is on the red birds.

    Tea will need to beat EPJ for the third time to make the Sweet 16 .... no sweat on that.
    Tea's 21 point win over Roosevelt doesn't look as impressive now considering the 0-20 season for the Rough Riders. 

    Dylan LeBrun and Xavier "X-man" Pavlis will need top production this week from their supporting cast of Bakkedahl, Uncle Ted and little LeBrun, and if they get it could pull an upset this week over the limping Bulldogs.  

    The Mustangs will run herd over Region 7 competition. Too soon to say how they will do outside of their region though.

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