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    Spring Seeding ---- Not So Bad

    I am only looking at Class A for this discussion.  How about those Seed Points?   The veracity of the seeding for Class A is about as close to hitting the dead center sweet spot as you can get.  Region 1: Sisseton and Roncalli are 1-2.  Region 2: Sioux Valley and Clark Willow Lake are 1-2.  Region 3: Madison and Sioux Falls Christian are 1-2.  Region 4: Tea is 2 seed and Dakota Valley at 4 seed springs the upset on 1 seed Vermillion.  Region 5: MVP and Tri Valley are 1-2.  Region 6: Chamberlain and Crow Creek are 1-2.  Region 7: Little Wound and Pine Ridge are 1-2.  Region 8: St Thomas More and Hot Springs are 1-2.  That is 15 out of 16 top seeds making it through to the Sweet 16.  You can’t get much better on seeding these teams …. Within their respective regions.  This week will be the proof on how the Sweet 16 games (and seeding) play out to determine who makes the quarter finals.   So far, I am really liking the Sweet 16 format.

    Sad points for Class A:

    • Fans will not see the prolific scoring of all-state talent Dylan LeBrun and his low flying Flandreau Fliers.

    • Fans will not see the best guard duo in the state: Vermillion’s Cooper Williams and AJ Plitzuweit.

    • Not even the Sweet 16 could save Dell Rapids as they faced the insurmountable task of beating Sioux Falls Christian in the lethal Region 3.

    Class AA still continues to suck hind teat …. And will do so until the double elimination crapola gets shot in the heart.  I know the region games are yet to be played, but Roosevelt is still alive.  Yes, the same Rough Riders who have one victory on the season and that was after they lost their initial district game.  If they make the AA field after going winless in regular season and losing their first post season game, that will be an all-time low in my opinion!

    Sad points for Class AA:

    • Double AA still means double elimination.

    • Either Brandon Valley or Brookings will be sent home …. Leaving another quality AA team sitting in the bleachers watching.

    The Brookings and Brandon Valley loser in their region game goes home after a better than average regular season.   But, you need to win when it counts and that is in March. 

    Class B fans will lament how sweet the Sweet 16 would have been this season …. I concur.  I would love to see both Warner and Langford advance to the Sweet 16 …. Not happening this season with both in the same district.  How does the spring seeding look for the B teams?   Not bad …. Although not as pin point as Class A.

    District 1: Florence Henry 1 seed wins over 2 seed Waverly South Shore.

    District 2: Langford 1 seed wins over 2 seed Warner.

    District 3: Potter County 1 seed wins over 3 seed Faulkton.

    District 4: Sully Buttes 1 seed wins over 2 seed Lower Brule.

    District 5: Castlewood 1 seed wins over 2 seed Arlington.

    District 6: Wolsey Wessington 1 seed wins over 2 seed Sanborn Central Woonsocket.

    District 7: Chester 1 seed wins over 2 seed Colman Egan.

    District 8: Bridgewater Emery 1 seed wins over 2 seed Canistota.

    District 9: Parker 1 seed wins over 2 seed Scotland.

    District 10: Irene Wakonda 1 seed wins over 3 seed Viborg Hurley.

    District 11: Platte Geddes 2 seed upsets 1 seed Corsica Stickney.

    District 12: Gregory 2 seed upsets 1 seed Colome.

    District 13: White River 1 seed beats 2 seed Crazy Horse.

    District 14: Wall 1 seed beats 2 Seed RC Christian.

    District 15: Lemmon 2 seed upsets Timber Lake 1 seed.

    District 16: Harding County 1 seed beats Faith 2 seed.

    That’s 13 out of 16 number 1 seeds winning and the 2 seed won the other districts.  Again, not bad seeding …. So far. 

    Sad points for Class B:

    • Fans will not see Warner and their outstanding guards: Tyler Rozell and Micah Hoellein.

    • Fans will not see another quality team in Corsica Stickney …. And the B field will not be as strong without the Jaguars (and the Monarchs).

    • Assuming that Langford and Bridgewater Emery and Sully Buttes win their region games, White River (when they win their region) would be the 4 seed in the B and Harding County (when they win their region) would be the 5 seed.  If Chester beats BE in region, White River would move up to the overall 3 seed.   There will be some very ugly opening round games in Aberdeen!

    My state tourney qualifier predictions:

    Class B

    Region 1: Langford

    Region 2: Sully Buttes

    Region 3: Wolsey Wessington

    Region 4: Chester

    Region 5: Irene Wakonda

    Region 6: Gregory

    Region 7: White River

    Region 8: Harding County

    Class A

    Sioux Valley



    St. Thomas More


    Tri Valley

    Sioux Falls Christian


    Class AA




    RC Stevens




    Aberdeen Central

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