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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 2-10-18

    The winter chill has not frozen the pollsters pith, but the Dak 12 has taken some fun out of the top of the poll. Contributing this week are Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and yours truly. Enjoy.

    1. Sioux Falls Christian (30 pts)
    2. Madison (27 pts)
    3. Sioux Valley (23 pts)
    4. Dakota Valley (22 pts)
    5. Tea Area (17 pts)
    6. Dell Rapids (16 pts)
    7. Vermillion (8 pts)
    8. Flandreau (7 pts)
    9. Crow Creek (6 pts)
    10. Sisseton (5 pts)
    11. TIE Hill City, Red Cloud (2 pts)
    13. TIE RC Christian, Miller (1 pt) 

    Honorable Mention: Stanley County, St. Thomas More, Pine Ridge, Parker, Aberdeen Roncalli, EPJ, Bon Homme, Deuel, Hamlin 

    General pithy comments from the pollsters:

    Can anybody beat SF Christian?  Cossacks find out the the hard way what a Goodbury bar tastes like, and join the list of 14 other teams who are all looking at extensive rehab to try to beat the Oppold epidemic that has its grip on area basketball. Madison, if they get their act together, has the weapons, along with the other Valley team the Panthers, who are making some noise of their own.

    Flandreau looks to have the best chance of pulling an upset in region 2, as Dylan Lebrun has been almost unstoppable as of late.  And what about this gunslinger from Vermillion named AJ?  1000 points in only 2 years?  Now there's something that just doesn't happen very often, if ever.

    Is there at a new love triangle brewing in the Black Hills?  The high altitude Comet team get something more lethal than Bruce Willis landing on it, called the Hill City Rangers.  But the Rangers' celebration could be very short lived, as the Blue Empire looks to be ahead of schedule rebuilding its death star, which just this week had successful target practice against Red Cloud.

    The team with Plitzuweit across the front is almost good enough to merit top 10 ranking.
    Repeat after me: DAK XII DAK XII DAK XII and keep repeating ....

    I struggled with including Vermillion or not including them and ultimately decided to put them at 11 on my ballot. 

    With their Mason (Schmidt) back in the lineup, and no brick layers reporting to work, Quarriers get their opponents Tri-Valley and MVP all Schuch up as Jeffery Schuch continues to dominate the paint.

    The Quarriers mantra all season has been: we are perfectly all right being the second best team in our region.

    Dell Rapids had a couple soft games and now will head down to Dakota Dunes.

    Sioux City riverboat dealers caught dealing a pair of Jacks (McCabe and Graves) off the bottom of the deck, resulting in huge losses at the tables for Panthers opponents. 

    Dakota Valley opens the latest Jacks or Better to open card game with their pair of Jacks: McCabe and Graves.

    North Sioux City is repurposing that old Gateway Computer building that looks like a giant Holstein and Coach Kleis repurposed a few of his guard heavy roster into forwards.

    Up only 36 points going into the 4th quarter against Deuel, Russian high command makes a tactical gamble to not bring in replacement troops and it pays off big.  All State guard Olson goes off for 21 points in the 4th quarter and sets a school record en route to a 52 point victory.

    The Cossacks tried to plug in their iPhones at the Pentagon and suffered a brown out against the Chargers.
    Trevor x 2 did not equal victory for Sioux Valley when they played Sioux Falls Christian.

    After almost three months of coach Ricke's obedience school, the Bulldogs are now trained to jump, catch, fetch, put the ball in the hole, and sit if they bark at the refs. Still trying to perfect the "pass the ball to Fiegen" trick.

    There isn’t as much internet chatter as there should be about the Madison win over Western Christian .... this was a huge win over a team that if they were located in South Dakota would likely be a top 3 team.

    The Bulldogs showed they were Big Dogs and the Wolfpack from Iowa was sent home with severe dog bites.

    I’d like to see Fiegen and the Jankes take on anybody else’s big three in a three on three and my money would be on the Bulldogs.

    Gus Reede is still the best player in the north, but the green Cavs are currently playing second fiddle to Sisseton.

    On a cold winter night in Sioux Falls, with a double digit deficit and their first loss straight staring them straight in the face, the Chargers fire up their secret weapon, a hot rod Lincoln.  Unruh responds with a big steal at half court, then drops 31 points to wipe out the invading Russian army from Volga.

    Sioux Falls Christian plays Western Christian Iowa on the road and should hand the Iowa Christians their second loss vs a South Dakota team.

    The Chargers have enough charge to power all the phones and tablets in the Sioux Empire. 
    Throw together a Hot Rod Lincoln, a Schipper, and a Mister Goodbar and stir with some Oppold and you have the best team in South Dakota.

    Comets get caught looking ahead to a big church league game in March when someone accidentally trips the fire alarm. Some rangers from Hill City show up in their gym and put out their fire.

    I refuse to vote for Rapid City Christian since they have zero wins over any Class A teams with a winning record. 

    Rustlers are 13-3, yet with no quality wins to report. Will the guys in green surprise or disappoint during the post season?

    What most players take four, five, and even six years to do, AJ Plitzuweit does in under two.  Scores 1,000 points in just 36 games. Hats off to AJ.

    Thorpes cling to the top spot in Region 7. The jury is still out as to how good the Thorpes are.

    Buffs seem quite tame as of late. Time to join the herd in Custer State Park? 

    Red Cav loss to Platte-Geddes is a head scratcher. Not sure if they are ready for prime time.

    Just when the basketball world is ready to throw some dirt on the .500 Cavaliers, coach Hollenbeck pulls another rabbit out of the hat and takes down the mighty Crusaders from Red Cloud. 

    St. Thomas More is getting their poop together but still are only 500 and not top 10 worthy. 

    Matchup up with Quarriers will be a good calibration for the the young blue Cavs.

    EBE ready to feast on some BHC foes.

    Coach Gardner's nine forest rangers grab their shovels and head north to put out their first forest fire of the season south of Rapid City.  Currently looking into reports of smoke coming from both Ellsworth and Fairmont Blvd.

    Cubbies are nursing a three game skid and are also on the cusp of missing regional playoffs.

    Dylan LeBrun has been playing at a level second only to Vermillion's AJ, but with the continued help from his friends and kid brother, could push the Flyers to contender status.

    The Fliers were grounded by the miners from Dell Rapids and the Cossacks from Volga.
    The only things flying when the Fliers did battle with the Pheasants were a pair of LeBruns and a Kneebone.

    The Fliers were not kind nor were they gracious hosts to the state bird Pheasants and Parker had to call a bus to get home since their wings were clipped.

    Titans extend their win streak against Aberdeen Christian and Flandreau Indian school.

    Tea is on a five game win streak that will be extended to nine by season’s end.
    I am drinking the Tea flavored Kool-Aid and I like the defending champs.

    Chargers seem to be running out of juice, clinging to four place in Region 2.

    Coach McGhee's crew takes two in the shorts.

    I don’t care what the Seed Points show, I still have the Red Cloud Crusaders as the top team in Region 7. 

    Number 0, Ale Rama, never ends up with a zero in the Red Cloud score book.

    Coach Mc Gee needs to right the ship after back to back losses last week ... Hot Springs will be just what the doctor ordered.

    Pheasants sit like proud peacocks atop Region 5, yet nobody shows them any love. What gives?.

    If I told you in August that Crow Creek would be in my top 10, you probably would have scoffed .... believe it now.

    The Chieftains have a red hot Blue Arm and are kicking tail in Region 6.

    Why even mention this .500 team?  Because despite their big man Preston Homan going down, Kellan Benck dials long distance to help the pull the upset of the week over Clark Willow Lake Cyclones, whose only prior loss to a SD team was to SF Christian. 

    The Redmen turned the Blue Cavaliers red faced in Sioux Falls.

    Sisseton might not compete well against the DAK XII but who does?


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