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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 2-23-18

    The pith floweth over this week. The only two things that are constant are pith and the Dak XII dominance in Class A BBB. Contributing to the poll this week, Artis Gilmore, Jackalope and Yours Truly.

    1. Sioux Falls Christian (30 pts)
    2. Madison (27 pts)
    3. Dell Rapids (22 pts)
    4. Sioux Valley (21 pts)
    5. Tea Area (18 pts)
    6. Flandreau (14 pts)
    7. Crow Creek (9 pts)
    8. Sisseton (8 pts)
    9. Pine Ridge (6 pts)
    10. Dakota Valley (3 pts)
    11. TIE Miller, Red Cloud, Rapid City Christian (2 pts)
    14. Vermillion (1 pt) 

    Honorable Mention: Stanley County, St. Thomas More, Parker, Aberdeen Roncalli, EPJ, Bon Homme, Deuel, Hamlin, Hill City 

    General pithy comments from the pollsters:

    I am back to ranking the DAK XII 1-10 and forget about the rest of the state ... except for maybe Sioux Valley.

    If you don’t have a Sioux in your name or aren’t in the DAK XII, then you aren’t worthy of being ranked among the state’s best.

    It sucks to be Garretson ... they played Sioux Valley and Sioux Falls Christian back to back last week.

    There has to be a Class A team west of Madison that should be in the top 10 ... I just can’t decide which team that is.

    It used to be that the East River snobs considered Chamberlain or Al’s Oasis or the Missouri River to be the east - west dividing line. Now, as it relates to best in Class A basketball, the line is much further east ... in fact the line doesn’t extend too far west of I 29.

    A real jumbled mess in the playoff scene in the not-so-respected region 8, with the top team Rapid City Christian Comets playing three straight games on consecutive nights to solve the entire puzzle.  So stay tuned.  

    A little clearer in the east with most of the home courts decided. Sioux Valley, Crow Creek, and Dakota Valley could all get a 2 to 1 bump, but all need help that, short of a major snow storm, they are not likely to get.

    The Quarriers finished on a nice little run after their January loss to Madison. They are the 2nd best 2nd place Region team in the state.

    Dell Rapids gets the winner of the Garretson vs Tri Valley first round game. After they win that one they will await their Sweet 16 pairing.

    The miners are working long hours and stocking up on fuel in anticipation of their long mine car journey across the state for the state tournament.

    The Quarriers are adept at mining the eastern part of the state. The boys have been reading up on gold mining techniques and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Quarriers head for the hills in an attempt to strike it rich.

    Tea gets to whip up on some Watchdogs and then play the EPJ vs Lennox winner to punch their Sweet 16 dance card.

    Don't look now, but the Quarrier rebounding machine named Jeffrey Schuck and his favorite stone Mason (Schmidt) have kept the mine car on the rails for over two months now and have won ten straight.

    South Dakota's most famous pair of Jacks, (McCabe and Graves), get caught playing with the queen of hearts and lose 3 of their last 4, will need to trump the Orioles to hang on to their #2 seed.

    The Cossacks are catching flak for running up the score on overmatched Class B teams but they pumped the brakes enough to never hit triple digits.

    General Vincent and the Cossack Army are ready to begin their assault on the western front and the horsemen have their steeds pointed towards Rapid City.

    Looking for a bump in seed points, Cossacks needed to go Cougar but MCM crashed and burned against MVP.  Only chance now for the Russians to pass Madison is to get help from the lesser known Bulldogs from Milbank. 

    Here it is, my annual line when Milbank plays Madison: I am betting the farm on the Bulldogs winning.

    The Bulldogs refuse to be house trained when visiting other gyms. They dumped and unloaded and generally relieved themselves all over gyms from Sioux Falls to Canton and to Vermillion and Dakota Dunes.
    The Bulldogs will be gnawing on a Kneebone when Region 2 competition is completed.

    Bulldogs need to beat their fellow canines from Milbank for any hope of hanging on to the top seed in their region, my money is on Fiegen and the twins to be the top dogs in this contest.

    All of the sudden the Green Cavaliers are underdogs in their own region. I am sure they relish that role immensely..

    The real question of the day is: can anybody beat Sioux Falls Christian?

    The Chargers lit up the sky over Garretson and the charged particles could be seen as far north as Volga and as far west as Madison. Nobody else noticed ... guess that is because everybody else has figured out that they will be playing for the consolation championship in Rapid City.

    Sioux Falls Christian did the “Christian like thing” and rang up 102 points on a hapless Garretson team.

    Opposing teams get to pick their poison: Do you go down with the outside shooting of Oppold and Unruh, or let Mr. Goodbary destroy you inside.  Kind of like being stuck at camp northstar:  It just doesn't matter.

    Comets finding out the hard way it ain't easy being on top. With a herd of Bison hot on their tail and a guy down the road named coach Hollenbeck dissecting extra game film just to have a chance to pull an upset, the Comets must find a way to win at least two games in three nights.

    Powerpoints predicting a Comet versus EBE matchup? Should be fun if it happens.

    The Rustlers have had a nice steady season led by Steven Fernholz.

    It will be Miller Time in Region 6 post season.

    AJ Plitzuweit will be asked to increase his scoring load one more time for the Tanagers to advance in the playoffs. Personally I'm not going to be the fool who bets against him.

    The Thorpes have a Bad Bear and a pair of Browns and that is enough to throw fear in the hearts of opponents.Thorpes win their 5th straight over the Braves.

    Pine Ridge is the unofficial number 1 Reservation team.

    Can the herd regain their early season mojo? Not unless they play a bunch of Class B teams again.

    Why don’t these Cavs get any respect? They are 17-3 and atop their region, yet everyone ignores them. 

    Blue Empire trying to regroup after first loss in over a decade to the Bison, but coach Hollenbeck can still get to .500 with a win over the Broncs.  Then only two more hurdles to jump - How do we get to the sweet sixteen, and what do we do when we get there?

    The Hill City Rangers could have used some help from Walker Texas Ranger in recent losses to Douglas and STM.

    The Fliers are flying higher than all teams not named Madison or Sioux Valley. That might not be enough to get them into the Sweet 16.

    Will the Fliers get grounded by strong competition in their region .... just like last season?
    The new math equation in Flandreau is: LeBrun x 2 + Kneebone = 3rd in Region 2.

    The Flyers might not have a LeBron on their team this year, but they do have the next best thing, which is not one, but two LeBruns. And both are playing very well, with Dylan dominating in many games.

    The Tea flavored Kool-Aid is tasting might sweet as the Titans sit on top of Region 4.

    There has been much debate about what is the best thing in Tea this year. ‘Best Thing” candidates are: Tea Steakhouse, Tea Titans boys basketball team, and Olivia’s Adult Supercenter. A local radio station is sponsoring a contest and the Titans are actually leading the voting with Olivia’s running a strong 2nd.

    Will Noah Freidel and his Titans get their ninth in a row with a win over Beresford?  Yep.

    The Bison have worked their way up to two seed, they can overtake the Comets with an upset win and some help from some Gold diggers and a herd of Longhorns.

    'Saders have lost three of their last 5, can coach McGhee deliver a motivational speech good enough to right the ship?

    Pheasants hanging tough, ready to make their Sweet 16 debut, or so it appears.

    The Chieftains are 12-1 over their last 13 games.

    The trio of Joe Sazue, Luke Wells, and Josiah Blue Arm will continue to power Crow Creek in post season.

    Chieftans may be gelling at the right time with convincing wins over Winner and St. Francis.

    I don’t know, is Sisseton really the top team in the Northeast? If that is true, the Class A champion will not come out of this region.

    The Redmen will try not to be red faced in the post season.

    While some teams refuse to play the Bulldogs even once, Sisseton was more than happy to schedule Madison twice this season, and what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.  The Redmen not only survive, but win their last six straight as Dion "Prime time" Iyarpeya, no longer guarded by the twin terrors, puts up big numbers.



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