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    Forum Pollsters Class A Poll: 1-24-19

    Pollsters have overcome plague, pestilence and IT problems this week.  Contributing pith and insight this week are Artis Gilmore, Jackalope, rufus and yours truly. 

    1. Tea Area (40 pts)
    2. TIE Sioux Falls Christian, St. Thomas More (34 pts)
    4. Red Cloud (26 pts)
    5. Tiospa Zina (23 pts)
    6. Dakota Valley (16 pts)
    7. Pine Ridge (13 pts)
    8. Dell Rapids (9 pts)
    9. Parker (7 pts)
    10. Lennox (6 pts)
    11. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte (5 pts)
    12. Hot Springs (4 pts)
    13. Aberdeen Roncalli (2 pts)
    14. Rapid City Christian (1 pt) 

    Honorable Mention: Todd County, Vermillion, Winner, Madison, Sioux Valley, Little Wound, West Central, Tri Valley 

    General pithy comments from the pollsters: 
    Two games played over the weekend solidified the top three for me: Tea beating St Thomas More in a close game at the Hanson Classic, and Sioux Falls Christian beating AA Watertown.  These are the undisputed top 3 teams. 

    I just can’t put either Sioux Valley or Rapid City Christian on my top 10 poll after they both lost at the Hanson Classic. 

    The Dakota XII Conference champion should automatically be anointed the Class A champion ... the conference is that loaded virtually from top to bottom ... not really as I want to see the tournament played out ... but damn that conference is solid. 

    The Dak XII - NEC Clash this week in Madison will put the exclamation point on how good the Dak XII Conference is. 

    It’s official: Madison will not play Tea for the Class A championship for the third straight year.   I have seen enough of Madison to wave the white flag for them ... good but not state title good would describe the 2018-19 Bulldogs. 

    The Seed Points formula must be working well as the top teams are rising to the top of their respective regions. 

    Orioles encounter second half loss of altitude against Cubbies but escape with only minor bear wounds.


    Seven Bison wins but only on against a team with a winning record, and that one is from Nebraska.

    Dunes boys getting only moderate respect, but slowly climbing behind the play of super- soph Bruns.

    Dakota Valley plays their usual assortment of Iowa teams and then Sioux Falls Christian and Hamlin this week ... typical week for the Panthers. 

    Is the weather warming up in the southeast corner of the state so much that the Panthers boys have thoughts on playing outside on the links or is their attention still focused on that round orange ball and those peach basket looking things hanging from the glass backboards? 

    Nobody has figured out yet exactly what the Tiospa Zina mascot is except for the growing number of team's currently nursing severe Wambdi wounds.

    Tiospa Zina is the beast of the Northeast. 

    The Wambdi are committed to playing in Huron this weekend in The Dakota Oyate Challenge and will be the class of the field. 

    Right now the Bulldogs bark is bigger than their bite, coach Larsen expected to begin obedience school this week. 

    Cavaliers run over some Russian pedestrians standing on the middle of a basketball court in Mitchell.

    Last standing undefeated team has thrived on a solid high energy diet of Mr Goodbars, which have way more kick than any 5 hour energy drink, but Chargers fail to validate their claim for the #1 spot at home on Tuesday against the stronger Titans.

    Tuesday night the state finds out if a rugged Titan can beat a souped up Charger in the latest drag race down 41st Street.   

    The Chargers proved impervious to the Arrows shot by Watertown.

    The Dak XII lays on the heavy competition for the Chargers this week with Tea and then Dakota Valley on the schedule.   Things will get much easier when the Northeast Conference throws out the sacrificial lamb ... Aberdeen Roncalli ... to the Chargers in Madison. 

    The Chargers are hoping to pull the plug on Tea this week. 

    This just in from the South Dakota Highway Patrol: a Titan with a dead battery was spotted on I 229 in Sioux Falls; and reportedly a Charger roared by and refused to charge the Titan’s dead battery. 

    The Thorpes keep getting wins but the quality isn't there yet to give them a push in the polls. 

    The Thorpes put it to the upstart Warriors last week. 

    Winner came up a loser vs Pine Ridge. 

    The schedule gets decidedly tougher for the boys from Pine Ridge this week with a game at White River ... a rematch of their LNI loss in Rapid City; then they play in Madison vs Bridgewater Emery.   Wow! 

    Tommies get a nudge in the poles by going the distance with the mighty Titans, they just proved they belong in the big leagues now.  Second best team in Class A after they give Titans way closer game than the Chargers did.

    Tommie More takes their first loss of the season at The Corn Palace ... but they had a respectable showing against Tea. 

    Did the salad bar at Al’s Oasis do in the Blue Cavaliers or were the Titans just too powerful?   Was there something in the Tea at the salad bar or was the Tea simply too strong? 

    Coach Hollenbeck misread the gas gauge on the old Blue Cavalier and the boys ran out of gas in the 4th quarter at the World’s Only Corn Palace vs Tea. 

    Red Cloud welcomes Cheyenne Eagle Butte this week.   This game will be a good litmus test for the Braves. 

    Comets take an important step towards putting on their big boy pants by following a caravan of blue Cavaliers to Mitchell and playing a quality East river team, even though they flamed out in the 4th quarter. Hang in their Comets.

    Cossacks 9-4 overall, but only 2-4 against teams with winning records, and SV doesn't get any help from another one of the Reede brothers and the Roncalli Cavaliers this weekend in Mitchell.

    Freidel and Co. repel their most serious challengers so far, some high mileage Cavaliers who filled up at Oacoma but should have waited until Mitchell, and then Mr. Goodbar and Co. at SFC.

    Tea is at the top of my poll until somebody beats them ... Tommie More put up a good fight but couldn’t pull off the feat. 

    The Titans have a helluva week ahead with a road game at Sioux Falls Christian and then a neutral site matchup in the Dak XII - NEC Clash with Class B power Clark Willow Lake. 

    It is official: the unofficial state championship is scheduled for the Pentagon Classic in February when top ranked Class AA Sioux Falls Lincoln will play Class A number 1 Tea. 

    Coach Fechner is filling up the Titan with gas, putting extra carbonation in the pop and stocking up on Hershey bars (the well known antidote to the Mr. Goodbar fever) as the Titans prepare for SIoux Falls Christian this week. 

    Quarriers win 3rd straight, and unless someone can figure how to stop both their 6' 9 guy (Logan Heim), and their 5` 9" guys (too many to list), the Quarriers winning ways will continue.

    The Quarriers are looking to turn some bigger rocks into smaller rocks this week ... their schedule looks favorable. 

    Warriors shoot down Falcons, need another quality win to crack the top 10. 

    Ale Rama keeps the hot hand and the Crusaders keep putting notches in the win column.

    The Ale being served up by Coach McGhee should be taken in small doses or your basketball team risks the ignominy of losing big to Red Cloud. 

    Coach Fibber McGhee can’t fib anymore about how good Ale Rama and the Crusaders are ... Red Cloud is top 5 worthy. 

    Falcons get gunned down by the Winner Warriors. Will they regain flight? 

    Parker shot down a Comet from Rapid City at the Hanson Classic. 

    There will be lots of birds in the air this week and next for Parker: Eagles from Irene Wakonda; Flyers from Chester and Hawks from Canistota.

    Cheyenne Eagle Butte finally passed my worthiness test and made my top 10 ballot.

    The Braves sitting at 8-2 play Red Cloud this week. 


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