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    Weekly Top 10 - March 11

    Here it is: The Weekly Jackalope Top 10 for the week of March 11, 2019.

    10.) The defending champs in all three classes are still alive.    

    AA – Yankton

    A – Madison

    B – Sully Buttes

    Which of these teams has the highest probability of repeating as champs?  Well, based on the hypothetical SDET (South Dakota Evaluation Tool) not unlike the NET (NCAA Evaluation Tool) that the NCAA uses instead of the old RPI tool, this is how the probability equates for each defending champ.

    Yankton – has one quadrant one loss at home (Lincoln); one quadrant one loss on the road (O’Gorman); one quadrant two loss on the road (Watertown).  The Bucks are the overall 2 seed.  They have Huron, O’Gorman, and Roosevelt on their side of the bracket.  Top seed Lincoln is on the other side of the bracket. 

    44% probability that Yankton will win the championship.

    Madison – has three quadrant one losses (one on the road to Sioux Falls Christian) (one on the road to Tea) (one at neutral site to St Thomas More); three quadrant two losses (two at home: Lennox and Dell Rapids) (one on the road to Lennox); one quadrant three loss at home (Chamberlain).  Madison is the overall 7 seed.  The Bulldogs have SFC, STM, and Lennox on their side of the bracket.  Top seed Tea is on the other side of the bracket.

    3% probability that Madison will win the championship.

    Sully Buttes – has two quadrant one losses on the road (Winner) (Jones County); one quadrant two loss at home (Warner).  Sully Buttes is the overall 6 seed.  The Chargers have Clark Willow Lake, Timber Lake, and Bridgewater Emery on their side of the bracket.  Top seed White River is on the other side of the bracket.

    17% probability that Sully Buttes will win the championship.

    9.) The fast facts on Class B regional representation:

    Regions 4 and 6 are not represented.  Region 5 has two teams (Bridgewater Emery and Viborg Hurley).  Region 7 has two teams (White River and Jones County).  Where are all the loud mouths crowing about how easy the White River road to Aberdeen has been all these years?   This makes 14 straight years that White River has advanced to play in the state tournament.   Congratulations!

    The top 8 seeds all advanced to the state tournament. 

    There are three West River teams: White River, Timber lake, and Jones County.

    8.) The fast facts on Class A regional representation:

    Three regions are not represented in the state tournament: 1, 5, and 6.  Tiospa Zina, Parker, and Cheyenne Eagle Butte were the top seeds from those regions.

    How did the regular season top 16 seeds fare in the post season?

    The overall 5 seed, Parker, from Region 5 was eliminated in the South Dakota 16.  The overall 6 seed, Tiospa Zina, from Region 1 was eliminated in the South Dakota 16.  The overall 7 seed, Red Cloud, was eliminated in the Region 7 playoff.  The overall 9 seed, Rapid City Christian, was eliminated in the Region 8 playoff.  The overall 10 seed, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, from Region 6 was eliminated in the South Dakota 16.  The overall 12 seed, Aberdeen Roncalli, was eliminated in the Region 1 playoff.  The overall 13 seed, Dakota Valley, was eliminated in the Region 4 playoff.  The overall 14 seed, Winner from Region 7, was eliminated in the South Dakota 16.  The overall 16 seed, Little Wound, was eliminated in the Region 7 playoff. 

    Madison, the overall 17 seed, made the state tournament from Region 2 after upsetting Tiospa Zina in the SD 16. 

    Dell Rapids, the overall 18 seed, made the state tournament from Region 3 after upsetting Parker in the SD 16.

    Four state tournament teams are from the Sioux Falls area: Tea, Dell Rapids, Sioux Falls Christian, and Lennox.

    Two state tournament teams are from the Black Hills area: St Thomas More and Hot Springs.

    One team is from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: Pine Ridge.

    Madison is the 8th team.

    Five state tournament teams are from the Dakota XII Conference: Tea, SFC, Dell Rapids, Madison, and Lennox.

    7.) The fast facts on Class AA regional representation:

    The Sioux Falls area is well represented with five of the eight teams from Sioux Falls and the suburban area: Lincoln, Roosevelt, O’Gorman, Brandon Valley, and Harrisburg.  I guess the Sioux Empire folks did not like last year’s outcome that saw ALL the Sioux Falls city teams lose in the state tournament opening round and end up 6th, 7th and 8th … the faithful are hoping for a better outcome this year.

    The state’s second largest population area, Rapid City, has one team still playing: Rapid City Stevens.  This is quite the turn about from last year when Stevens played Rapid City Central for third place and Douglas placed 5th

    Two long time ESD teams, Yankton and Huron, complete the field. 

    6.) Before it is too late and the season is over, here are the top freshmen and sophomores in AA:

    ** Matthew Mors – Yankton sophomore

    ** Jackson Hilton – Brandon Valley sophomore

    ** Tyler Feldkamp – Roosevelt sophomore

    ** Brayden Phipps – Harrisburg sophomore

    Reece Burckhard – Aberdeen central sophomore

    Caden Hinker – Mitchell freshman

    ** You will get a chance to see some of these young men play in the state tournament … enjoy.

    5.) The top 8th grader, freshman, and sophomores in Class A:

    Tash Lunday – Flandreau freshman

    Paul Bruns – Dakota Valley sophomore

    Kelby VanderWerff – Platte Geddes sophomore

    Spencer Fernholz – Miller 8th grade

    Beau Donovan – Red Cloud sophomore

    Jace Kelley – Custer sophomore

    Since none of these young men and their teams made the state tournament, be on the lookout for them next season.

    4.) The top freshmen and sophomores in Class B:

    ** Kalen Garry – DeSmet freshman

    Coy Determan – Gregory freshman

    Connor Libis – Dell Rapids St Mary sophomore

    Caleb Simons – Edgemont sophomore

    ** Chase Mason – Viborg Hurley sophomore

    ** You will get a chance to see some of these young men in the state tournament … enjoy.

    3.) The Class B all-state team will come from the players on this list:

    Jacob Prouty – Clark Willow Lake senior

    Micah Burke – Clark Willow Lake senior

    Zech Clemens – Northwestern junior

    Andrew Rorhbach – Aberdeen Christian junior

    Kyler Meyer – Britton Hecla senior

    Nick Wittler – Sully Buttes junior

    Jharret Bloomenrader – Highmore Harrold senior

    Trevin Holland – DeSmet senior

    Kalen Garry – DeSmet freshman

    Devon Heuer – Arlington senior

    Lynden Williams – Wolsey Wessington senior

    Reggie Slaba – Hanson junior

    Connor Libis – Dell Rapids St Mary sophomore

    Dalton Voelker – Colman Egan junior

    Noah Dickson – Sanborn Central Woonsocket junior

    Alec Nelson – Mitchell Christian senior

    Sawyer Schultz – Bridgewater Emery senior

    Carter Dye – Bridgewater Emery senior

    Jamin Arend – Bridgewater Emery senior

    Brodee Sherman – Viborg Hurley senior

    Trey King – Irene Wakonda senior

    Jackson Kinzer – Colome senior

    Daaron Tronvold – Andes Central Dakota Christian senior

    Luke Wells – White River junior

    Jadice Morrison – White River senior

    Austin Olson – Jones County senior

    Shane Sazue – Lower Brule junior

    Caleb Simons – Edgemont sophomore

    Brayden PayPay – Timber Lake senior

    Zack Anders – Harding County junior

    2.) Last week I shared my Final Four predictions.  Now, I have the crystal ball sighted in on the championship games in all three classes.

    AA – Lincoln vs O’Gorman in an all Sioux Falls final.   The Patriots have an easier bracket.  I could envision scenarios where any of the bottom four teams could win two and make the title game.  OG is the hottest of the lower bracket teams.  Lincoln wins behind Jared Jaros and Nate Brecht.

    A – Tea vs St Thomas More.  Most of you who have heard me talk and read my Esperanto language blogs know how much I respect the season Tea has put together.  I am so impressed wit the Titans, I predict they will win the title for the 2nd time in three years.  Tommie More and SFC will punch each other out in the semis.   Noah Freidel needs to be at full speed/strength.

    B – White River vs Clark Willow Lake.  The bottom half of the bracket is brutal.  Bridgewater Emery is one of the strongest 7 seeds I have ever seen … if not the strongest.  CWL and BE are both senior dominant.  The two games the lower bracket finalist will play just to make the title game will sap the energy and depth will become an issue as White River takes the easier path to the title.  Tigers win another championship. 

    1.) The number one tidbit of the week comes from Mount Rushmore.  There is NO basis in fact for the rumor that descendants of Gutzon Borglum have contracted with the National Park Service to add four faces to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  IF we were to have a “Mount Rushmore” type memorial to the four most influential faces in South Dakota boys basketball this season, they would be:

    Noah Freidel – Tea.   Noah has led Tea to the state tournament and a consensus number 1 ranking.  The Titans will be attempting to play in the state title game for the third straight year.  The Titans won it all when Noah was a sophomore. 

    Matthew Mors – Yankton.  Matthew is the top player in the state and the most highly recruited in several years … he is only a sophomore.  The Bucks are the defending AA champs behind Mors and his teammates.

    Sawyer Schultz – Bridgewater Emery.  Sawyer has one state title on his resume … when he was a sophomore.  The senior would like to make it two.

    Jacob Prouty – Clark Willow Lake.  Jacob led the Cyclones to the edge of a state title last year when they ended up 2nd to Sully Buttes.  The senior would like this year to be the title season. 

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