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    Featured Item three named Academic All-Americans CNFR
    Featured Item USD MBB: Coyotes add California prep star Robinson Hails from Walnut Creek, CA
    Featured Item USD MBB: Coyotes add graduate transfer Jay Harvey to team Comes from Florida International
    Featured Item Hardrocker Women's Basketball Offering Variety Of Summer Camps
    Featured Item The Most Complete Aggregate of Sports Across SD Dateline: 6-25-18
    Featured Item Joe Macdonell (Rapid City Rush Team President) Rapid City's Only Local Sports Talk Show


    Outdoors and Recreation

    Emergency Travel Kit

    Emergency Travel KitsI recently put together an emergency kit for someone who travels alone through the Black Hills on a regular basis and had never even thought about needing one. With the winter travel conditions we normally get here, and especially this winter, sliding off the road and having to spend the night (or longer) in your car is a real possibility. Most of my shopping fo...   

    Winter Walking

    Winter WalkingLate last week I had just returned from my morning walk, which I cut short to 35 minutes (usually I walk from 60 to 75 minutes depending on my route), when the local weatherman reported the temperature as -12 degrees with a wind chill of -27. I believe this was a case of a weatherman’s puffery (a legal term where used car salesman can “puff up” a car to a potenti...   

    outFOXing Cancer for Lynn R. Fox, Spearfish, SD

    We would like to thank all our readers for supporting High School Sports, and for supporting our advertisers. Along that line here is a local person that needs our support: Lynn Fox needs your help for ongoing cancer, medical and travel costs. Please click here   

    The Old Soft Hiking Shoe

    The Old Soft Hiking ShoeI recently found my old hiking boots, a pair of Solomon Contragrips, lurking in the back of my closet. They are actually more of a hiking shoe, sort of a modified and updated waffle stomper (there’s a nostalgic term that brings back high school days).  These days they are classified as a fast hiker. They have a  lug sole and leather upper with...   

    Black Hills Sportsmen Club 2014 February Field Notes

    FEBRUARY MEETING NOTICEThe February general membership meeting will beheld at the Adoba Eco Hotel. Our meeting will beFebruary 4th, at 11:45. Mark your calendars. Hopeto see you there.PROGRAMThis month we will discuss current legislative actionin the state of SD, including wildlife resources andmanagement, as well as other topics of interest. ...   

    Rapid City Ice Bowl Feb 1 & 2014

    To Download The Ice Bowl Pledge Sheet click here   

    Coyote Calling

    A  Youtube Video of a coyote caller taking his 5 year old son on their first hunt together. Enjoy!   

    South Dakota Wildlife Federation Out of Doors

    We would like to thank the South Dakota Wildlife Federation for allowing us to post their monthly Out of Doors Newsletter. We will start posting it here monthly, or if you would like to look for back issues you can find them on their website at: under the Out of Doors heading. To view the January 2014 Out of Doors

    Mountain Lion 2014

    I have a prediction to make for 2014 in the Black Hills. I think this will be the year that a mountain lion will get the first confirmed kill of a person. We all know they have been killing dogs and cats, getting more brazen and closer to populated areas as their natural food supply dwindles, and I think its just a matter of time before some lone hiker gets attacked. I just hope its not me. Tha...   

    Soup Sandwich

    I keep track of my fishing days. My wife calls it “being all geeky”. She’s probably right but I do it anyway. I keep track of the date, what the water/ice was like, the temp, the pressure if I have it, what I caught and where, who I went with, and anything notable. It’s one part for posterity and one part for getting back on fish at a later date. Geeky is probably a fair...   


    C.C. OHarra
    SDSB Site Manager: West River Sports ... and Then Some
    Covering the Pheasant Belt
    John Wayne Jordan
    Covering West River Boys Hoops
    Jim Bussell
    Bringing you stories, tips, tricks and Black Hills fishing reports.
    Taylor Mohnen
    Western South Dakota Wrestling Insider
    Rapid City Sports Hall of Fame
    The Rapid City Sports Hall of Fame was started in 1972. Awards are given annually by the Officials.
    South Dakota Boys Basketball Analyst
    Ranger Reporter
    Spotlighting West River Athletes
    Covering/Archiving Lyman High School sports. SDSU Alum.
    Dan Genzler
    High School and College Sports Analyst
    College Report
    Coverage of SD College Sports
    Trail Buzzard
    Conservationist and Black Hills Trail Aficionado
    Nate Brown
    Sports Analyst: Live Events
    Always on the lookout for video worth sharing.....
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    Outdoor Cooking Fun
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    Always Gazing into his Crystal Ball....
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    SDSB Correspondent
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